How to Pick a Christmas Tree?

December 14, 2016
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Christmas bazaars are in full swing and we decided to ask a professional decorator and florist how to pick the right Christmas tree. Here are a few tips from a pro.

Fake or Real?

The key point of arguments between those who buy fake spruces and those who need a real tree exclusively is the ecological aspect.

Some people believe that cutting so many spruces every year for having just a week of joy is wrong. The others are sure that one factory producing artificial Christmas trees causes more harm to ecology than cutting trees which were planted directly for this purpose. So, it seems that for ecological sake we mustn’t celebrate Christmas at all. But we don’t even consider this option.

Both fake and real spruces have pros and cons. The charm of a real tree is its smell, which creates an atmosphere of forest fairy-tale. But the minuses are proper care, which it demands, and needles that you have to clean almost every day. Also, the financial aspect – a real tree must be bought every year. On the other hand, you don’t have a storage problem during the warm season.

A fake Christmas tree is purchased once for many years. It doesn’t require special care, watering, and a pot. And no needles to clean. The flaws are just two: it must be assembled, disassembled and stored somewhere and it doesn’t smell so magically.


How to choose the right size?

Once you have evaluated all pros and cons, it’s time to choose the right size. Of course, in shops and Christmas bazaars trees are displayed on open spaces and you may get seduced into buying a gorgeous tall specimen. But don’t forget that in your living room it may look too oversize and keep the height of the pot and star in mind!


How to pick a real spruce?

Here the main points are – no rush and daylight. Come to a bazaar in the morning and put on your warm clothes. Firstly, choose the right height and shape to your liking. Then examine the needles. Their color must be saturated and they mustn’t fall when touched. Then carefully check the branches: they must bend rather than snap. A dry brittle tree may not survive till Christmas.

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How to pick an artificial spruce?

Regarding faux Christmas trees, there are two vital aspects: no bad smell and fire safety. These are two sorts of things you’d better not skimp on. A good Christmas tree, which will bring joy to your family for many years, mustn’t have any chemical odor. The package must indicate that its material is fireproof. After that your actions are similar to those who buy real trees. Touch the needles, bend the branches and ask the seller how much space it takes as packaged – you must have enough storage room in your home.


Let your choice be fortunate!

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