Gorgeous Spa Mansion in the Swiss Alps

December 16, 2016
Posted in Interiors

This marvelous mansion in the Swiss mountains can be taken for a French chalet or an old-aged medieval castle. Actually this is a modern spa complex, which would be highly appreciated by a family of spies J


51 Degrees Thermal Resort is located in the canton of Valais, in a small town of Leukerbad on the slopes of the Swiss Alps. It was designed and built by Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc. for two purposes: as a full-fledged spa complex and a classy residence. It seems that this grand mansion was designed for especially demanding and, judging by the interior, introverted guests who value privacy and comfort.





The interior would be especially pleasing for a family, 50% of which look for traditional designs featuring wooden beams, stone walls and crystal chandeliers – half of the house is decorated in this style. The other family members would find something comforting in the second wing of the house where modern finishing materials are coupled with hi-tech equipment to meet all contemporary aesthetical and functional needs.



Besides beauty and comfort in the full meaning of these concepts, guests of 51 Degrees Thermal Resort have absolutely no need to leave its walls as even the spa complex is on-site. And gorgeous views opening from panoramic windows won’t let them feel cut off from the real world. 



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