Snow-White Apartment with Orange and Red Accents

December 17, 2016
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Fondness for cleanliness and sunlight: that’s the first thing which comes to your mind when you first see this apartment. Its owner works for a big architectural bureau and takes private orders from time to time. When she and her husband came to moving to a new apartment, she got a major interior design project of her life.    

Apartment Profile

Area: 65 sq. m.

Ceiling height: 2.6 m.

Number of rooms: 2

Being passionate about purity and plenty of natural light, she chose snow-white as a predominant color for her home. Besides, she was willing to live exclusively in a south-facing apartment and this wish did come true. On sunny days the entire space is lit by light coming through windows, glass interior walls and light blinds. Alexandra believes that white is a flawless color, as it unites all the colors of the spectrum. Even the flooring was made white.

After a few layout changes a two-room apartment was transformed into an integral open space: the bedroom may be optionally isolated behind glass doors by Lualdi Porte, the loggia was designed as a work space, and the kitchen was made open to the living room.




5-white-bedroom-walls-white-ebony-floor-Lualdi Porte-glass-door-pillows-headboard


Oak floor by Ebonyprimarily had a regular coloration, but after treatment its surface gained a pleasing non-sterile color and aged look.

7-white-aged-vintage-oak-ebony-floor-Lualdi Porte-sliding-door-black-cat-on-the-floor

8-white-aged-vintage-oak-ebony-floor-Lualdi Porte-glass-sliding-door

All bulky furniture items and radiators are built into the walls. Since the owner is not a big fan of cooking she intentionally made a kitchen zone very compact and arranged a bar instead of a full-fledged dining table. The most part of furniture was made in Italy. Kitchen appliances are manufactured by Miele, the kitchen set – by Deloria. A big sofa in the lounge zone is made by Vibieffe.






The bedroom has a private bathroom exit. The headboard zone is decorated by a bunch of common pillows, which adds the sense of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere. A huge chest of drawers is made by Molteni & C and a soft cozy arm-chair in the corner – by Moroso.



17-2-white table-red-flower-bowl-vase

Lighting fixtures are mainly of German origin and big standard lamps both in the bedroom and living room are products of Ingo Maurer.



A fanciful clock and candles by Martin Maison Margiela were brought from foreign business trips.



A wolf skin is a gift from relatives who caught the animal in Siberia.


The hallway has exits to a guest bathroom and a pantry. All sanitary fixtures are made by Catalano, and bathroom furniture in the private room is а product of Falper brand.







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