10 Original Household Items for Christmas

December 19, 2016
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Day after day it seems like our households are slow-moving and even stable, but progress doesn’t stand still. It moves on and tinkerers from all over the world create something new to make their and our lives easier literally every day.


Frequently we use this seemingly insignificant fancy new stuff as a funny gift for our relatives and friends. And though many gadgets have not gained popularity yet, they’re on the road to world fame. That’s why today we’ll show you some new items which are not supposed to be in our households, but can surely solve a bunch of our domestic problems if they finally appear.

1. With a three-section pan we will spend less time on cooking and washing pans in the morning:

1-innovative-new-household-item-gadget-unusual- three-secation-pan

2. A folding bucket will save precious space:


3. A trolley for peeling vegetables doesn’t even need comments:


4. A cutting board with edges saves from the need in collecting dropped foodstuffs:


5. Smart grill tongs measuring the temperature and level of rare – with such a control device meat will never be too raw or overcooked:


6. A faucet cover with special water dispenser will make bath time more pleasant and efficient:


7. A single bottle for oil and vinegar is more practical and compact than two:


8. A toothbrush with an extra feature makes tooth cleaning process easier and obviously funnier:


9. Feeling shorthanded? Tired of moving around several times to set the table? There is a helpful cup with a secret compartment:


10. …and a gravy boat securely fixed on the plate:


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