Pallet Furniture in Interior Design: 20 Ideas

December 19, 2016
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Fashion for pallet furniture is continuing to gain popularity each season. We see two main reasons for that: low price and originality. More and more often hand-made wood pallet furniture becomes a centerpiece of modern interiors and we’ll show you at least 20 proofs.

Many people deem pallets to be an exclusively second-rate building tool. But practice shows that it’s also a universal material for creating original furniture. Of course, we won’t try to convince you that pallet furniture can be fit into any interior style. Of course, not. But Scandinavian, industrial, loft and country styles feel very good about it. Have a look at how pallets can be utilized in different rooms of our homes.

Living Room

If you arrange 5 pallets on the floor, and stack another 5 pallets on top of them, you can easily get a new sitting area. Just add some cushions and decorative pillows and it will look and feel very cozy. Thus you can get a common couch or a big-size corner sofa. And if you’re not afraid of dust, you can use the couch as an extra storage zone as well.


1-diy-hand-made-pallet-furniture-corner-sofa-couch 2-diy-hand-made-pallet-furniture-corner-sofa-couch

And if you fix the wheels, your sitting area can be easily moved around the room, which is convenient for cleaning and changing the scenery as well.


A full-fledged wood pallet TV-stand is also a nice idea. By adding a few drawers, you get a nice storage spot.


Also a pallet may be used for mounting TV-sets and accenting TV-zones, for example, in eclectic or loft interiors.


Just four wheels and a pallet – and your new coffee table is ready



You absolutely don’t have to be a craftsman to create a wood pallet bed. All you need is to put a few pallets next to each other and secure the joints if necessary. And a few efforts to process the surface: clean, polish and paint.

In the bedroom pallets can be used to highlight the loft-style headboard:


…or to make a standard bed:


….or even to create a bed along with bedside tables:


Should you have more skills and experience, making a pallet chest of drawers won’t be a big problem for you:


Home Office

If you don’t mind rustic style, use a wood pallet as a writing desk:


…or as a computer desk:



Pallets can surely be applied in the kitchen: as a dining table, for example:


…or as a complete dining set:



If you process wood pallets with wax and lacquer, they can be fit even into bathrooms. As wash basin cabinets, for example:



Need a storage spot in the hallway? Make a pallet chest of drawers!



Though our article is about pallet furniture ideas for interiors, we cannot but mention a few ways to use them on your backyards. As dining sets, for example:



as a porch swing:


… or as a lovely garden bench:


We hope that these ideas will inspire you to create your own pallet masterpiece for your homes and country houses.

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