Unique Glass House in Moscow Suburbs: Part 1 – Architecture

December 19, 2016
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Today we will start to tell you a story of a unique house. Unique not just for Russia, but for the whole world. The thing is that it’s entirely made of glass, despite the fact that its architecture is pretty traditional – timber framing. Its lighting system, engineering details and interior design deserve separate posts, which we will publish as soon as possible. And today we’ll give you just an insight into its architecture.


House Profile:

Area: 800 sq. m.

Number of bathrooms: 4

Ceiling height: 4.5 m.

Number of rooms: 2

Number of floors: 2

As we already mentioned, the method of building is classical timber framing. However, the architect’s determination to create two absolutely glass faces of the house, which would make the interior of the building overlooked from the edge of the forest, wouldn’t let him apply to blank walls typical for post-and-beam construction.

In this project they were replaced with usual double glazed windows. This means that glazing is not just a protecting framework of the building, but its important structural component and stiffening rib. The glazing design was fulfilled by joint efforts of Russian and German engineers.


This is a house for two people – husband and wife. Since their estate already features a few houses for living, the architects were not limited to any functional must-haves of a country home. This house is designed as a jewel of their property, an open space and a reflection of the hosts’ portrayals.

The space of the house is divided into two sections: the first floor is a female one, and the second one is for the man. Stiffening buckles of the building are joined by a bridge – a meeting place for the two. It’s kind of a “Love Bridge” by which you can get to the sunset zone, enjoy the nature… and then each one leaves for his or her individual zone –  to meet again a bit later.


A huge fireplace penetrates into the bridge as a symbol of the love fire. Of course, it’s all about philosophic issues – our lives consist of meetings and partings.


The house is based on the interconnection of two types of spaces – private and common ones. The interior seems to be completely filled with air and light: to the greatest extent thanks to huge zenithal lanterns (glass roof), the area of which amounts to 80 square meters.


The color scheme is quite plain: white panels, black wood and a few bright red accents in furniture and lighting fixtures.


To be continued…..


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