Cool with Wool: Designer Stools from Norway

December 20, 2016
Posted in Furniture

A truly talented designer may draw inspiration from anything that surrounds him or her. It also refers to Aud Julie Befring, a young professional designer whose favorite source of ideas is the nature of her native land – Norway, the place where she was born, lives and studies. Flocks of sheep grazing on green Norway pastures – an idyllic picture, so traditional for this country, has inspired her to create a series of wooden stools named “Cool with Wool”.


What is most remarkable about them is a seat consisting of lovely multicolor felted wool balls and three stylized legs.

The young woman is keen on working with versatile materials – ceramics, wood, textile – and loves to combine them in her projects, joining old folk traditions and latest trends. Cool with Wool stools are one of such splendid things.


Thanks to small hemispheric shape of the balls, the “hilly” stools are pretty ergonomical, and their bright and lively color range is very eye-catchy and becomes an accent of any interior.


Ironically, the creator of these stools is concerned about the aesthetical aspect of her products to a lesser extent. Aud Julie Befring stands for ethical and responsible consumption, and hence she makes pretty much effort to make her own products as durable as possible.

With these thoughts in mind she made the felted wool balls removable – they can be taken out of the birch seat, cleaned and put back again. And there is also an option to change the scenery: to replace bright balls with more neutral or monochrome ones, or vice versa.




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