English-Style Apartment of a Hunting Club Member in Moscow

December 21, 2016
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When Andrew got the keys to his new apartment, he had no idea what kind of interior he wanted to see there. He asked professional designers for help and they came up with an idea to decorate this spacious flat in English style. Why English? The thing is that the master is a lawyer, which implies some “serious” interior style choice, and a member of an English hunting club, which led to the selection of namely English.

0-Moscow-panoramic-view (2)

Apartment Profile

Area: 147 sq. m.

Ceiling height: 2.85 m.

Number of rooms: 3

The color scheme comprises versatile shades of gray, turquoise and burgundy, solid dark oak parquetry, wooden and leather elements, accessories and antique things – in a word, all the must-haves of English style, which appeared to be so near and dear to the heart of Andrew.

1-English-interior-style-dining-room-fireplace-white-walls-wooden-walls-white-lamp-white-bar-stool (2)

The designer team managed to gain the integrity of the interior and keep it pretty zoned at the same time. The cooking area of the kitchen is equipped with a minimalist set of Russian origin and a couple of big metal lamps. While the dining zone is more sophisticated and cozy: it features a fireplace, an elegant Italian dining room set by Selva, and a huge accent chandelier above the table, which plays the role of a lighthouse. The double-glazed windows are dressed up with natural veneer. Oak parquet boards laid in the kitchen and dining room are water- and shock-resistant.

2-English-interior-style-white-kitchen-island-dining-room-metal-lamps-selva-dining-set-table-chairs-panoramic-windows (2)

3-English-interior-style-white-kitchen-furniture-set (2)

4-English-interior-style-white-kitchen-island-furniture-set (2)

5-English-interior-style-fireplace-selva-dining-room-set-table-chairs-wooden-wall-decor-panoramic-windows (2)

6-English-interior-style-selva-dining-room-furniture-set-table-chairs (2)

7-English-interior-style-dining-room-furniture-set-table-chair-tea-cup (2)

8-English-interior-style-fireplace-mantelpiece-shelf-hunting-decor-oval-mirror-in-wooden-frame (2)

Walls are finished with two types of materials: wallpaper by Zoffany and a paint of English origin by little Greene. The sitting area in the open-concept living room is also comprised of English-manufactured pieces of furniture. Most of the accessories were brought by Andrew from the land of the red rose too.

9-English-interior-style-living-room-gray-walls-sofas-lamps-pictures (2)

10-English-interior-style-living-room-white-sofas-couch-pillows-book-shelves-lamps (2)

11-English-interior-style-living-room-white-sofas-couch-pillows-book-shelves-lamps-ottoman (2)

12-English-interior-style-living-room-white-sofa-couch-pillows-white-english-lamps-narrow-doors (2)

13-English-interior-style-book-shelves-bookcase-bookstand-lamps (2)

14-English-interior-style-white-lamp-clock-cabinet (2)

15-English-interior-style-white-lamp (2)

Two doors in the lounge zone lead to a guest bathroom and pantry.

16-English-interior-style-guest-bathroom-beige-tiles-octagonal-mirror (2)

The hallway connects two rooms – the bedroom and the third empty room, which is so far empty. Between them arranged are a closet and a master’s bathroom.

17-English-interior-style-hallway (2)

18-English-interior-style-hallway (2)

The bathroom wall pattern is made up of two types of tiles: marble diamond-shaped ones, which were custom-designed and produced in Italy, and rectangular travertine-like ones, by Cotto Veneto.

19-English-interior-style-bathroom- shower-rombus-diamond-shaped-marble-wall-tiles-travertine-tiles (2)

20-English-interior-style-bathroom-rombus-diamond-shaped-marble-wall-tiles-double-wash-basin (2)

21-English-interior-style-bathroom-rombus-diamond-shaped-marble-wall-tiles-double-wash-basin-wooden-cabinet-wooden-mirror-frame-white-lamps (2)

Bedroom furniture was made by designers in cooperation with Moscowroom workshop; accessories were selected in Home Concept, and lamps – in Light Depo.

22-English-interior-style-bedroom-textile-headboard-white-bedside-lamps-beige-curtains-brown-ottoman (2)

23-English-interior-style-bedroom-brown-bedside-ottoman (2)

24-English-interior-style-ceiling-lamp-chandelier (2)

25-English-interior-style-bedside-table-books-white-bedside-lamp (2)

For the sake of visual laconicism, the wardrobe was made walk-in and hidden behind a sliding door.

26-English-interior-style-bedroom-textile-headboard-white-bedside-lamps-brown-ottoman-walk-in-closet-white-sliding-doors (2)

27-English-interior-style-walk-in-closet-white-bedside-lamp-bedroom (2)

The bureau opposite the bed is also framed by two invisible closets, which creates a visual illusion of a bureau arranged in a wall recess.

28-English-interior-style-bedroom-bureau-chest-of-drawers-brown-ottoman-white-door-white-walls-invisible-wardrobes (2)

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