Hand-Made Wall Christmas Trees

December 21, 2016
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It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a beautiful spruce. In our minds and hearts it has become a true symbol of this holy day. But sometimes our dwellings are too small to arrange a full-fledged spruce, or we start to live apart from our families and just didn’t have time or money to buy a tree of our own, or we have one night off and want to spend it with our kids making something with our hands. Then why not make a Christmas tree on the wall? It’s space-saving, eco-friendly, cheap and pretty quick. Besides, hand-made things are more near and to our hearts.

Today we have collected a bunch of creative wall Christmas tree ideas, which can be easily implemented at home out of simple household items.

Tree Branches

Should you live in the countryside, try to make a wooden Christmas tree. No, no – there’s no need to study the carpentry art. All you need is just to collect a few broken tree branches in the garden or in the wood and fix them to the wall. If the branches are big, you may fix each one independently, but with smaller ones it’s easier to tie them up together with a rope. Then feel free to decorate it to your liking – with Christmas balls and ribbons, for example:


….or with Christmas lights:


Wooden Planks

One more idea is to use old wooden planks. Just fix them horizontally so that each next board was longer than the previous one, and the Christmas tree is ready! Taking that it looks quite vintage, you may feel free in choosing décor:


Wooden Pallets

If you have an old wooden pallet in store, you may just paint a tree on it with white or any other favorite color. Thus your walls will stay safe and sound, and you may put as many nails in the pallet as needed. Arrange a few Christmas balls and toys on the nails and you will get a true home art object:



Following the eco-topic, we can’t but mention plywood Christmas wall décor. All you need to create a forest beauty is a sheet of plywood – on it you will draw the shape of your future tree, a jigsaw to cut it out and a sandpaper to polish the sharp edges. Such a tree is beautiful as it is, but if you add some festive stuff, like Christmas lights, it will look even more amazing:


Some tinkerers decorate plywood trees with common threads and postcards and the result is fascinating:


And here is a similar postcard-idea with a chain:



One more way to apply common threads is to arrange them as a Christmas tree on a wooden wall:


And if you are a lucky owner of a chalkboard wall, here is an option for you:


Color Paper

If you may boast much patience and free time, try to make such a paper masterpiece:


Christmas Balls

For those of you who have extra Christmas balls in their households there is an option to arrange a spruce out of them! And a beautiful frame will dress up your creation:



Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be used not just for real Christmas trees, but for creating wall ones as well:



And finally, the most laconic and funny idea, which would definitely please your family – making a Christmas tree out of handprints. You will remember this evening, believe us!


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