DIY Bookcase: New Life of Your Basic Cabinet

December 22, 2016
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Got tired of your boring basic cabinet? Why not turn it into an amazing bookcase with a carved frame? This post will give you instructions on how to do this step by step.

The key idea is to make the real bookcase look like a framed picture:


And here is what you need to do to put this idea into action:

1. First go to a building material store and buy a common baseboard. Then cut it with a saw at 45 degrees and fix to your basic cabinet. Now it already looks like a picture frame. To give your “artwork” more presentable appearance you may, for example, paint the interior of your cabinet silver:

1--diy-hand-made-framed-bookcase-bookstand 2--diy-hand-made-framed-bookcase-bookstand

2. If you want your frame look even more glamorous, you may dress it up with wood appliqués, which can be also found in DIY and hardware stores. Fix them to the frame with epoxy – that’s an easy-to-do task even for beginners:   

3. And finally coat the frame with your favorite paint! In this project the paint color is matching the chest of drawers and a jalousie window in the room:

4--diy-hand-made-framed-bookcase-bookstand 5--diy-hand-made-framed-bookcase-bookstand

4. To enhance the “artwork” effect we painted the binding edges of the book silver. If you are not willing to paint your little home library, there is an alternative – cover your books with a common paper of the same color. Here we chose silver:

6--diy-hand-made-framed-bookcase-bookstand 8--diy-hand-made-framed-bookcase-bookstand

Your personal framed bookcase is ready!


And if you liked this idea, here are similar projects implied in neo-classical and Vogue interiors for your inspiration:

9-modenese-gastone-luxury-vogue-style-living-room 10-neo-classical-framed-bookcase-bookstand

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