DIY: Paper Lanterns

December 22, 2016
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Paper lanterns are so light, delicate and elegant, they are so good in adding softness and warmth to the atmosphere of our homes and so irreplaceable in creating a cozy holiday atmosphere, that we don’t hesitate to present you a pretty quick and easy DIY. Don’t be afraid to ask your kids to join you in this creative process, since all the tools you would use are pretty familiar to them: just common paper, scissors and a glue stick. Together you can make a whole collection of lanterns for joyful Christmas holidays.


So, let’s begin)) Take a common white sheet of paper (A4 or A3 format depending on the size of the lantern you would like to get) and follow these simple steps along with detailed images:

  • Fold one of the edges of the sheet from one side by approximately 1 cm
  • Fold the sheet in half (without the folded edge)
  • Unwrap the sheet and fold each of the resulting halves in two again (excluding the folded edge)


  • Unfold the paper again and fold it in three, now starting from the bottom one-third of  the sheet
  • Unwrap the paper again and make cuts along the lines of the folds in the bottom one-third of the sheet. The folded edge in this one-third must be cut off completely.


  • The next step is to make diagonal twists in 8 upper squares. Start from the bottom left-hand corner and move towards the edge of the sheet as shown on the photos.
  • Unfold the paper and repeat the previous step, but this time beginning from the upper left corner. In the end each of the squares (excluding the cut ones) will be divided by two crossed diagonal twists.
  • Unwrap again, unfold the edge which we folded in the very beginning and spread some glue on it.


  • Fold and fix the opposite sides of the sheet, and give it the shape of a 3D parallelepiped.
  • Now make the bottom of the lantern out of cut squares – just fold and glue them together. Your masterpiece is almost ready!…
  • And the final step: now very carefully press the parts of the lantern outside in with your fingers as shown on the photo. Thus, at the intersections of diagonals of the squares you’ll get convex corners.


Congratulations! Your lantern is ready! Just insert a candle into it – but don’t forget to put it into a tall glass first to avoid ignition of the paper.


Now you and your family can enjoy the play of light and shade and a magical atmosphere that this incredible paper lantern will surely create!


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