Pros and Cons of Traditional Paper Wallpaper

December 23, 2016
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Do you consider paper wallpaper as a potential covering for your walls? Knowing all the pros and cons, it’s easier to make the right choice. We know them and would be glad to share them with you!


Pro № 1

The first and the most important advantage of cellulose-based wallpaper is that it’s completely natural and hypoallergenic. So in terms of usefulness to health and ecological aspects this traditional type of wallpaper is № 1. Thanks to it, walls will breathe, and home atmosphere will be safe and friendly. Besides, the paste for this type of wallpaper is absolutely harmless owing to the lack of chemical additives.

Pro № 2

Of course, it’s the matter of price. If you don’t pick exclusive designer masterpiece, paper wall covering is definitely the cheapest type of wallpaper.


Pro № 3

Fans of vinyl wall coverings frequently blame cellulose-based wallpaper for its poor color scheme and even texture. Well, they’re wrong, because there is a double-layered subtype of paper wallpaper – duplex. It has a rich saturated color range and can be embossed to obtain a 3D effect.


Pro № 4

The above-mentioned duplex wallpaper becomes increasingly popular thanks to its structure – double layers and more. Every new layer increases the tensile strength, and, which is also important, the sound absorption coefficient. And such interiors are far warmer!

Pro № 5

Simple and quick installation. Gluing cellulose-based wallpaper is pretty easy even for beginners. Two people can easily finish a middle-size room within 5-6 hours.


Pro № 6

It’s not just the installation process that is quick. Paper wall coverings are also very easily removable. And some lazy people even glue new wallpaper above the old one)

Pro № 7

Despite the fact that paper is afraid of moisture, there are some washable subtypes of traditional wallpaper with an extra protective layer. They can survive humid treatment and preserve its original texture and color.


Now let’s move on to the disadvantages.

Con № 1

The weakest point of paper wall coverings as compared to other wallpaper types is their low durability. It’s especially true with regard to single-layered type (simplex), but nowadays it’s almost not manufactured.

Con № 2

Fragility of the material can reveal itself in the process of installation – if too much paste is applied, it can be easily broken.


Con № 3

As we already mentioned, paper doesn’t like the company of moisture. Hence bathroom and kitchens are the rooms, which you’d better not finish with cellulose-based wall coverings. With time they can get yellow, and peel away.

Con № 4

Paper surface is vulnerable to the impact of sunlight - direct sun rays make it fade with time.



Summing up everything mentioned above, we can say that the main flaw of traditional wallpaper is its fragility. But we have figured out just 4 cons and twice as many pros. That’s why it’s safe to say that paper wallpaper is worth buying. Just choose the pattern with your interior style and mood in mind, and it will please your eye for a long time.

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