Swiss Simplicity: Modern-Style Family House

December 23, 2016

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Swiss simplicity”? Probably, something laconic, definitely modern-style and surely concentrated on natural materials, such as wood, stone, glass and steel. The same image was in the minds of a Swiss family couple with 2 kids and three lovely cats who hired a professional architect team, Wohlgemuth & Pafumi Architekten, to create a house of their dreams.


The masters have announced their wishes quite precisely: besides natural materials and modern style concept they needed plenty of light, open-concept rooms, a gallery, a swimming pool and a terrace. But their strongest desire was a room where they could come together. The thing is the family members are very close and spend their time apart from each other only at nighttime, probably. That’s why they needed an open space, which would include a few zones for each one and everyone: for cooking, working, talking and playing.

As soon as the architect team collected all these wishes together, they got down to working out the interior design. Their firm belief is that a house project must be started from the inside. Depending on the clients’ wishes comes the idea of the rooms, their layouts and connections between them. Then all that is wrapped to draw the exterior sketch. Let’s have a look at the fruit of their work!

The house starts from an entrance hall, which is quite tight and laconic and features an opening to the staircase. The latter leads to the upper level which is designed as an open space. It’s not just roomy, but also open on two-floor height and offers a splendid panoramic view. The staircase represents a nice balance of cold concrete walls and warm wooden stairs coupled together.

1-swiss-minimalist-modern-house-wood-and-concrete-entrance-door-potted-plants-wooden-bench-brick-wall 2-swiss-minimalist-modern-wooden-staircase-concrete-walls-floor-bowls 3-swiss-minimalist-modern-wooden-staircase-concrete-walls-floor-bowls 4-swiss-minimalist-modern-open-concept-living-room-white-kitchen-galleria

The house may boast a wellness room with warm wooden walls, a bar, a sauna, and a relaxation sitting area with numerous fur and textile couch pillows.


The jewel of the house is an open-concept living room, which also features a kitchen and a dining zone – right what the masters wanted most of all. Despite its significant area, thanks to proper zoning the room doesn’t look too big.

6-swiss-minimalist-modern-open-concept-living-room-dining-room-kitchen-island-mismatched-multicolor-dining-chairs-gray-sofa 7-swiss-minimalist-modern-open-concept-dining-room-mismatched-multicolor-dining-chairs-piano-tall-candle-holder 8-swiss-minimalist-modern-living-room-big-gray-corner-sofa-panoramic-windows

What is also important, it has an exit to the terrace with an extra dining furniture set and a swimming pool. This is especially relevant, since the house is south-oriented and sunlight comes into it from dawn to dusk.


The kitchen area is quite minimalist: plain white color, no furniture fixtures, no extra décor.


The master bedroom is arranged in the same style as the rest of the space: a wooden wall and bed, a photo wall printing with natural motives again and the spice of the room – a bathtub.


On the top floor there are three rooms – two kid’s bedrooms and a guest one. Here the concrete surface is quite visible, but it’s neither too much nor too cold, and coupled with warm wooden floor color and furniture upholstery looks pretty cozy.


As for the architecture of the house, the key point was simplicity. Plain forms and combination of warm wood and cold concrete work together in a very modern and yet traditional way, both in interior and exterior of this cute house.

13-swiss-minimalist-modern-architecture-house-with-terrace-concrete-and-wood 14-swiss-minimalist-modern-architecture-house-with-terrace-concrete-and-wood

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