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December 26, 2016
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One of the latest trends of recent time is creating home spas. Present ever-accelerating lifestyle is filled with stressors and makes people seek ways to reduce physical and mental tension. A magical healing impact of spa procedures goes without saying and today we’ll find out what must-haves comprise an ideal home spa.


Chromotherapy Shower

Chromotherapy, more commonly known as color therapy, is a non-pharmacological treatment and a prophylactic device aimed at preventing of numerous nervous disorders and consequences of emotional distress. Chromotherapy is based on direct impact of color on biologically active zones of human body. Moreover, each color has a clearly defined impact on a definite nervous state — be it insomnia, neurosis or common exhaustion.


Most frequently this method is used directly in bathtubs, while chromotherapy shower is kind of an express-technology, which allows enhancing the intensity of healing effect within a shorter period of time.


Infrared Sauna

The best and most important thing about infrared is its unconditional safety. Infrared waves don’t have additions of any other emissions and in fact any animal, human and even stone radiates it after spending some time in the sunlight. Its waves may heat up human body up to 4 cm deep, warming up all the tissues, bones and muscles. As a result, we have a better blood circulation, metabolism starts to speed up and our immune system operates more efficiently.


Salt Lamp

Best salt lamps are hand-made out of pink Himalayan salt and can be harmful only in cases of individual intolerance. Their main purpose is prevention of respiratory diseases. Lucky owners of salt lamps claim that their regular use increases the effectiveness of treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis and strep throat.


Aroma Lamps

Beneficial characteristics of aromatherapy are recognizable and indisputable. An aroma lamp is probably the most popular device for using this technology. Its working principle is pretty simple, while selection of oils must be carried out very carefully. Essential oils are picked individually, depending on medical reasons, contraindications and personal tastes. The range of aromatherapy impact is truly huge – from common fatigue and depressions to diseases of gastrointestinal tract.


Spa Pool

And last, but not least – it’s impossible to imagine a home spa without full-fledged water procedures and hydro-massage. Modern spa pools can be installed both at home and outdoors, their self-cleaning systems require the replacement of water just once in a year and interchangeable hydro-massage jets are able to provide directed and adjustable impact on spots of human body.

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