How to Arrange a Full-Fledged Sauna: Real Life Example

December 27, 2016
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We enjoy telling you stories of houses, offices, gardens and apartment interiors, while supplementary buildings are usually set aside. That’s why today we decided to tell you a story of a fascinating cozy sauna including a rest room, a spa zone and a gorgeous hammam.



Before a professional designer arrived here, the masters had just a tiny old sauna building with an area of 13 sq. m. on the outdoor territory. It had only two compartments: a steam bath and a dressing room.  The clients are big fans of Turkish bath and dreamed about having a full-fledged wellness house with a comfortable lounge zone and SPA. All their wishes came true thanks to extension of the old building – all the new rooms found their place in this annex.


Exterior color scheme was inspired by the mixture of ceramic tiles. Turquoise hues are very airy and perfectly match the color of the swimming pool. When you look at the sauna cornices and ceilings on sunny summer days it seems that you see the reflection of water in the mirror surface. And the wood was coated with a warm chocolate paint.

Inside the task was to arrange a soft color palette, and sights were set upon versatile shades of beige. And to connect interior and exterior, some of turquoise outdoor hues were let in inside.



The entry zone is furnished by items of the same brand – some of them appeared to be too bright and had to be decoupaged. The benches came from the ex-sauna and were just refreshed with new cases.

Both walls and ceiling were coated with paint and wood oils by Tikkurila. But, quite surprisingly, the most interesting accent of the room is the flooring: it’s peculiarly made of a mixture of marble mosaics, tiles and ceramic granite, which remained from the renovation of other sauna rooms. Such a bold decision was quite spontaneous as initially the flooring of this zone was made wooden.

3-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-entry-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-aged-door-with-vent-grilles-decoupaged-furniture-mixed-tiles-mosaics-ceramic-flooring-wooden-walls 4-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-entry-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-aged-door-with-vent-grilles-decoupaged-furniture-mixed-tiles-mosaics-ceramic-flooring-wooden-walls 5-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-entry-room-dressing-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-aged-door-with-vent-grilles-decoupaged-furniture-mixed-tiles-mosaics-ceramic-flooring-wooden-walls


Taking the humid conditions of the building, the doors were custom-made with vent grilles.  In the ex-sauna zone they were painted quite neutrally, in the color of the walls, while in the newly-built annex their color reminds of a general beige-and-turquoise concept.  And a finishing designer touch – door trims and baseboards are coated with the same paint.


Rest Room

The dominating accent of the rest room is horizontal pattern of wood on the walls and ceiling. To smooth their visual load, the lounge zone was furnished with a monochrome capitone sofa and a couch with vertical stripes. The rest of home textile in this room is quite eye-catchy and serves as key accents of the interior.

7-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-stripy-sofa-smeg-refrigerator-retro-lamp-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture 8-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-stripy-sofa-capitone-rocking-chair-smeg-refrigerator-retro-lamp-decorative-plates-floral-blinds-curtains-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture 9-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-stripy-sofa-capitone-rocking-chair-retro-lamp-decorative-plates-floral-blinds-curtains-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture

Mismatching walls are gracefully connected by means of beige décor against the turquoise surface, and blue accessories on the beige wall respectively. Considering that this room is not inhabited and used just by sauna visitors, the choice of furniture was based on compactness and aesthetical aspects in the first turn.

10-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-stripy-sofa-capitone-smeg-refrigerator-retro-lamp-decorative-plates-floral-blinds-curtains-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture 11-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-stripy-sofa-capitone-rocking-chair-retro-lamp-decorative-plates-floral-blinds-curtains-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture

And of course, a few words about décor. The hostess of the house is a devoted fan of vintage. She has selected the entire décor all by herself, including decorative plates, a retro chandelier and a vintage wall lamp. And the designer coupled them with a contemporary ceiling lamp by Reccagni Angelo.

12-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-stripy-sofa-capitone-smeg-refrigerator-decorative-plates-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture 13-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-capitone-sofa-retro-lamp-crystal-chandelier-decorative-plates-floral-blinds-curtains-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture 14-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-rocking-chair-retro-crystal-chandelier-lamp-decorative-plates-floral-blinds-curtains-wooden-walls-decoupage-furniture 15-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-rest-living-room-bird-theme-decor-pattern-decorative-plates-tableware


SPA zone includes a dressing room, a shower, a bathroom and a hammam. The finishing goes in line with the rest of the interior. Here you will notice familiar beige hues, marble insertions, mosaics, ceramic granite and retro motives in form of brass water taps and shapes of sanitary porcelain.

16-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-retro-brass-shower-head-mosaic-aged-tiles 17-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-interior-aged-door-with-vent-grilles-mosaic-tiles-retro-toilet

 Most of the accessories and vintage elements were custom-made – as well as a big mirror with ceramic insertions that belonged to the hostess of the house.

18-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-bathroom-interior-bird-theme-decor-pattern-mosaic-tiles-retro-brass-water-tap-beautiful-tiled-mirror-frame 19-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-bathroom-interior-bird-theme-decor-pattern-mosaic-tiles-retro-brass-water-tap-beautiful-tiled-mirror-frame 20-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-sauna-bathroom-interior-mosaic-tiles-retro-brass-shower-accessory-towel-holder-antique


But the centerpiece of the whole project is the hammam, or more precisely its gorgeous mosaic. The right composition was long and carefully selected by the client and the decorator. The main character of the pattern is a bird again – you surely guessed that it’s the owner’s favorite theme which can be found in each room of the sauna.

21-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-turkish-bath-hammam-sauna-interior-bird-theme-decor-pattern-mosaic-wall-picture 22-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-turkish-bath-hammam-sauna-interior-bird-theme-decor-pattern-mosaic-wall-picture 23-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-turkish-bath-hammam-sauna-interior-bird-theme-decor-pattern-mosaic-wall-picture

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