“Old Chest” Interior: Attic in Russian Provence Style

December 28, 2016

If you are a lucky owner of a house with attic, but still wonder how to arrange it in a stylish and functional way, this post is just for you. Today we will give you a few ideas on how to make your attic room the centerpiece and jewel of your home based on a real life example.


The first interesting thing about today’s interior is that the house is over 100 years old. The attic floor is the most meaningful and memorable part of the home for its present owners, since it was initially decorated by their grandparents many-many years ago. Vita Romanovskaya, an interior designer of this project, decided to fantasize a little bit about how the room interior would look like, if the contents of an old chest would be taken out to become its décor. Let’s have a look at the result!

Project profile:

Area – 60 sq. m.

Ceiling height: 3 m.

Number of rooms: 1

Vita has nicknamed the style of the room “Russian Provence”. The thing is that just like genuine Provence style, it features much décor, natural home textile, vintage details, hand-made retro furniture, floral patterns and the feel of cozy countryside atmosphere. While “Russian” stands for the color scheme, which is far from traditional pastel and white palette of French Provence, but very typical of old Russian textile patterns, with saturated and warm hues of summer flowers.


Especially for this project the designer has created a beautiful floral pattern, which was then printed on textile using latex printing technology. As connection between different pieces of interior and accessories is an important part of a well-though-out image of the room, the floral theme was continued on a stretch ceiling and couch pillows.

4-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-blue-sofa-stripy-curtains-skylights-old-chest 5-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-stripy-curtains 6-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-blue-sofa-stripy-curtains

Digital printing technology was also used for decorating the built-in wardrobe. Its doors made of laminated particle boards were dressed up with a picture of piled old suitcases. From a distance visitors really have a visual illusion of a bunch of suitcases.

7-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-tiled-chimney-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-blue-sofa-stripy-curtains-retro-chandelier 8-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-wardrobe-old-suitcases-illusion

The same material – laminated particle boards – was used to create a big chest of drawers. In fact, this wonderful piece of furniture was hand-made by the client. Thanks to asymmetrically arranged drawers it looks pretty vintage and reminds of a good old patchwork craft. To add even more retro chic to it, the designer decorated the doors with lovely polyurethane moldings, artificially aged the surface and used mismatched knobs.


The dining zone is also very homey and cozy. It’s lit by a designer lamp, in which traditional globes are replaced with a tea china set. One more “warm” element of design is a lovely green “knitwear” photo-wallpaper with a magical 3D effect.

10-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-tiled-chimney-latex-digital-printing-ceiling-dining-set-hand-made-designer-chandelier-3D-wallpaper-knitwear-effect 11-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-tiled-chimney-stove-pipe-latex-digital-printing-ceiling-3D-wallpaper-knitwear-effec 12-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-latex-digital-printing-ceiling-3D-wallpaper-knitwear-effect 13-green-3D-wallpaper-knitwear-effect-wall-mural

Vita believes that, as a rule, a good interior design must be very close to the 3D project. If you take a look at the images below, you will see that this is completely true –the real room is almost a copy of initial 3D design. The only vivid difference is the curtains – at first they were pretty neutral, but in the end Vita replaced them with bright warm stripy blinds, which perfectly blend with the general color scheme and add even more softness to this cozy interior.

14-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-tiled-chimney-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-blue-sofa-beige-curtains 15-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-tiled-chimney-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-3D-knitwear-effect-wallpaper-wall-mural-retro-chandelier 16-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-tiled-chimney-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-retro-hand-made-designer-chandelier-chest-of-drawers 17-orange-white-green-color-floral-pattern-russian-provence-attic-floor-interior-design-latex-digital-printing-on-walls-and-ceiling-3D-knitwear-effect-wallpaper-wall-mural-retro-chandelier

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