Cross-Stitch Pattern in Interior Design

December 29, 2016
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Cross-stitch is a pretty simple form of embroidery. All you need to create an impressive pattern is some attention, time and patience. Just the things that modern people lack so much. However, imagination coupled with laziness can even perform miracles – and now the whole world is gradually getting overtaken by a new cross-stitch-imitation trend. Designers have a bunch of ideas for us in store and we suggest you having a look at them. Your Grandma would definitely appreciate this.


Wall Décor

Let’s begin with the most popular way of cross-stitch pattern application – the walls. Tinkerers and especially Provence-style fans love to have cross-stitches painted right on the white walls:


And in a toddler room such a pattern looks right to the point:


An eye-pleasing motive can be arranged from ready sets of plastic crosses:

2-cross-stitch-pattern-in-interior-design-plastic-wall-decor 3-cross-stitch-pattern-in-interior-design-plastic-wall-decor-black-and-white-heart-with-arrow

And pegboards seem to be especially designed for cross-stitching:

4-cross-stitch-pattern-in-interior-design-pegboard-wall-decor 5-cross-stitch-pattern-in-interior-design-pegboard-wall-decor

A nice way to spend your weekend in the countryside is to create such a natural piece of décor:


Home Textile

You may spend lifetime trying to create a real cross-stitched bedding, while its imitation is far more practical and looks as homey and inviting as the original one:


But if you do have free winter evenings, why not try to create such a wonderful masterpiece – it’s destined to be the jewel of your hand-made collection:


And surely country-style, rustic and Provence table settings can’t do without lovely table settings with hand-made motives:


Cross-stitches can be imitated on couch pillows with 3D effect:


….or can be real:


…..or imitated with acrylic paint, like on the walls:


Furniture & Décor:

Cross-stitch pattern is so inspiring, that even couches are designed in this style:


It can also be applied to lamps:


And if you still don’t know what to do with broken tennis rackets, here is a good idea:


Even common glasses can be turned into an interesting piece of décor:


And for those of you who are truly devoted to this craft, there is even a special designer bowl by Ionna Vautrin with pre-drilled holes for creating decorative tableware:


Have a nice evening!

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