Lilac and Beige: Restrained Traditional Apartment

December 29, 2016
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How to arrange a space, which now belongs to a young family couple, but will soon be presented to an old lady? How to make a two-room apartment equally comfortable for representatives of different generations? The answer is soft, restrained color scheme and traditional interior style.


Apartment Profile

Area: 70 sq. m.

Bathrooms: 2

Ceiling height: 2.75 m.

Number of rooms: 2

Now the apartment is inhabited by newly-weds, who plan to have a baby soon and move to a more spacious house, while this dwelling will be presented to the grandmother-to-be. That is why the interior designer set her choice on soft lilac-and-beige colors and neutral traditional style, which would satisfy both younger and older generations of the family.


The kitchen and living room were initially separated, tiny and inconveniently located. That’s why the changes started from the layout – arranged was a spacious full-fledged lounge zone and a big open-concept ergonomical kitchen.


Predominant colors of the interior are soft pastel hues of light blue, sand and lilac.

Lamps and chandeliers are classical and mostly made by Laura Ashley brand.


Most of the furniture was custom-designed and made according to sketches of the decorator, including an MDF kitchen set, a sitting group, a TV stand and coffee tables for the living room; a wardrobe, bedside tables, a chest of drawers and a bed with soft textile headboard for the bedroom, and the entire bathroom furniture.

4-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-travertine-ceramic-granite-tiles-MDF-kitchen-set-dining-suite-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-1-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-travertine-ceramic-granite-tiles-MDF-kitchen-set-dining-suite-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-2-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-bedroom-sanderson-wallpaper-birds-pattern-textile-headboard-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-3-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-chest-of-drawers-painting-on-the-wall-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-4-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-bathroom-traditional-neo-classical-style

As for the wall finishing, in the kitchen it’s washable paint by Farrow & Ball, in the bedroom – lovely Sanderson wallpaper with bird pattern, and in the living room – wallpaper with stars by Zoffany, which perfectly matches delicate grayish lilac curtains, a light sofa and beautiful couch pillows.

6-1-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-zoffany-wallpaper-french-walnut-parquet-tulips-traditional-neo-classical-style 6-2-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-bedroom-sanderson-wallpaper-birds-pattern-textile-headboard-traditional-neo-classical-style

The flooring is made from parquet boards of “French walnut” hue, which adds a note of warm honey and golden shine to the general restrained color scheme. In the kitchen zone laid was Italian ceramic granite, which imitates travertine and blends well with the walls and backsplash color.

7-1-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-french-walnut-parquet-curtains-traditional-neo-classical-style 7-2-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-travertine-floor-ceramic-granite-tiles-traditional-neo-classical-style

The doors were made of pine wood in Finland.


According to the designer, the best thing about this project is a pleasing and relaxing color scheme, and a nice balance between high quality and moderate price range.

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