Christmas Lights in Moscow 2017

December 30, 2016
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Moscow is shining and sparkling in multiple festive lights, which means just one thing – New Year is about to come! It’s hard to resist a gasp of surprise when you first see such a magical beauty. Designers from Russia, France, Italy and other countries of the globe did a great job to turn the capital city into a true Christmas fairy-tale. Now all the guests and inhabitants of the city may see how big squares and streets of Moscow have become full-fledged art objects of incredible beauty.


Moscow participates in the international “Christmas lights” festival for the second time. It started on December, 16 and will last till the 19th of February. And we have collected the most beautiful photos to show you the brightest spots of the festive city.

This year light and art installations impressed absolutely everyone. Hundreds of comments and thousands of photos are wandering around the global network and become centerpieces of TV and radio newscasts. Popular bloggers and photographers from all over the world are admiring Moscow Christmas lights; the biggest Instagram accounts share the best photos and click “like”.

1-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations 2-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations-christmas-tree 3-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations 4-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations 5-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations

Shining tunnels, huge 2017 figures, illuminated arches and balls, champagne-shaped street lights, ice slides and a music wood – a bunch of ideas are collected in the heart of the big city.

6-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations 7-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations 8-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations 11-2-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations-ice-sledge 10-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations 9-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations11-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations

This 100-meter-long light tunnel is located in the central street and is expected to become one of the most romantic spots for taking memorable photos.


Last year the festival was visited by 15 million people, and considering this year’s reaction in social networks, even more people are welcomed, excited and expected to come.


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