Fresh and Airy Seaside Studio Apartment

December 30, 2016
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This tiny studio apartment is cozy, light and seems to smell like the sea. It’s an excellent real-life example of how white interior diluted by water-color accents becomes softer and fresher – a perfect choice for a summer residence.

Working on this project named Mattina Mare, its authors first of all wanted to disprove a misconception that a high-quality interior design must be comprised of expensive materials and brand furnishing and décor. They managed to create an ecologically safe and pretty functional space on a relatively small budget. Let’s have a closer look at the details.


Apartment profile

Area: 31.8 sq. m.

Bathroom: 1

Ceiling height: 2.7 m.

Number of rooms: 1

For example, furniture was chosen based on four main must-haves: affordable price, high quality, eco-materials and good design. That’s why the entire sitting furniture set was bought from the world-famous IKEA brand and the rest of interior elements were custom-made by respectable local companies that pay special attention to ecological certification of their products. Since the apartment is located on the seashore, walls were coated with special eco-paint resistant to humid conditions and emergence of microorganisms.

Relatively small area, extended shape of the studio and the need to arrange every possible thing required for comfortable holidays on the seashore were the benchmarks of the project.  And what made the designers tick was the phrase of ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi “Emptiness is the heart of a home”. Put another way, a home is light coupled with air and nothing redundant. That’s why the predominant color of the interior is white – a symbol of freshness and purity, and the color of sea is used as a key accent.

By means of wooden partitions and furniture arrangement the studio space is visually divided into 3 main zones: entry, kitchen and lounge. The latter serves as a bedroom at night. Besides, there is a terrace and an isolated bathroom.

Wooden partitions in this project deserve special mention. These light and very laconically designed elements of interior play a very important role: they zone the room visually, while being practically invisible and letting air and light easily pass through. This way the space divided into several square zones keeps its integral, simple and balanced feel.


The kitchen set is custom-made and equipped with all essentials, including a hob, an oven, a fan, a built-in refrigerator and a washing machine. A bar plays the role of a dining area, serves as a work zone for sitting with a lap top and visually separates the open-concept kitchen from the living room.

Considering that the lounge becomes a bedroom in the night, it’s furnished with a big and comfortable folding sofa. Sitting in a cozy arm-chair, a client can put his legs on a leg support ottoman. And the latter can be easily transformed into a coffee table by means of a bespoke wooden tray. The TV-set is rotatable and can be watched both from the kitchen and lounge zones.

4-fresh-and-airy-white-and-blue-studio-apartment-interior-design-bar-table-wooden-partition-big-folding-IKEA-sofa 3-fresh-and-airy-white-and-blue-studio-apartment-interior-design-brick-tiles-kitchen-set 5-fresh-and-airy-white-and-blue-studio-apartment-interior-design-tray-coffee-table

The terrace offers a splendid sea view, and as many guests prefer to have dishes in the fresh air, it’s furnished with a wicker outdoor dining set.

6-fresh-and-airy-white-and-blue-studio-apartment-interior-design-terrace-exit 7-fresh-and-airy-white-terrace-design-wicker-outddor-dining-furniture-set

The bathroom features a Polish-made toilet bowl by Kolo, a built-in wash basin by Linea brand (Bulgaria), a shower cabin and a towel-drying radiator. Towels and bath amenities are stored in a big wash basin cabinet.


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