Can a Black & White Apartment Be Cozy?

January 3, 2017
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The concept of this interior is based on contrasts of black and white colors and active use of glossy and mirror surfaces. This was the client’s wish that guided the interior designer’s choice of materials, furnishing, lighting and décor. Generally when we think about black-and-white interiors, we imagine something very restrained and even office-style. But this project shows conclusively that if the right décor, shapes and home textile are applied, black-and-white may feel very homey and cozy. Let’s see for ourselves!


Apartment Profile

Area: 60 sq. m.

Ceiling height: 2.8 m.

Number of rooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Initially the layout of this two-room apartment was quite standard: all the rooms were tiny and isolated from each other. That’s why the first thing was re-arrangement. The kitchen was made open to the living room, and the entry zone was dressed up by curtains, which saved the space of the living room on the one hand and added a note of privacy and comfort on the other hand. In the bedroom an old non-functional balcony was transformed into a comfortable work room with a full-fledged sofa and a coffee table, which ensure good rest after a long hard day as well as wonderful morning time with a cup of hot tea.

1-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-mirror-wall-ipe-dark-parquet-minimalist-kitchen-set-transparent-chairs-black-crystal-chandelier-Kartell-shaggy-carpet 2-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room--black-crystal-chandelier-Kartell-white-sofa-with-mirrored-arm-rest-Flexform-mirror-wall-black-leather-arm-chair-Mui-Olivar-coffee-table

All the walls in the apartment are finished with white pearlescent decorative plaster creating a perfect background for black furniture. White walls were a special wish of the client, and the designer has emphasized it with several accent elements. And in order to smooth the robust effect of black-and-white color scheme and add some cozy feel, the flooring was made of ipe (Brazilian walnut) parquet boards of warm dark hue. And some charm and elegancy is brought by gorgeous Philippe Starck bedside lamps in the bedroom, and a luxurious black crystal chandelier by Kartell in the living room that creates a perfect match for a black leather arm-chair.

3-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-black-crystal-chandelier-Kartell-white-sofa-with-mirrored-arm-rest-Flexform-mirror-wall-black-leather-arm-chair-Mui-Olivar-coffee-table 4-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-open-concept-living-room-black-crystal-chandelier-Kartell-white-sofa-with-mirrored-arm-rest-Flexform-black-leather-arm-chair-Mui-Olivar-coffee-table

Considering that the key interior accents were black colors and glossy surfaces, the open-concept kitchen had to be light and airy as well as not eye-catchy. This means it had to look pretty balanced and integral with the lounge zone, but didn’t have to turn the scales at the same time. That’s why sights were set upon a minimalist kitchen set and transparent dining chairs.


Centerpieces of the lounge zone are a sofa with mirrored arm-rests by Flexform, an arm-chair by Mui and a coffee table by Olivar. The choice of brands stems from the client’s passion for Italian manufacturers and beautiful furniture in general.

7-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-black-crystal-chandelier-Kartell-white-sofa-with-mirrored-arm-rest-Flexform-mirror-wall 8-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-black-crystal-chandelier-Kartell-white-sofa-with-mirrored-arm-rest-Flexform-mirror-wall 9-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-white-sofa-with-mirrored-arm-rest-Flexform-black-leather-arm-chair-Mui-Olivar-coffee-table 10-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-black-leather-arm-chair-Mui-Olivar-coffee-table 11-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-black-leather-arm-chair-Mui-Olivar-coffee-table

Though the bedroom is designed in the general black-and-white color scheme, thanks to exquisite bedside lamps, a textile headboard and cozy carpet and bedspread by Mui it feels very cozy and intimate.

12-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-bedroom-philippe-starck-silver-bedside-lamps 13-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-bedroom-textile-headboard-Mui-Philippe-Starck-silver-bedside-lamp

The bathroom is pretty monochrome, and like the rest of the rooms features many glossy surfaces and a few black accents. The centerpiece of the room is a black classical chandelier by Mui and an elongated shape of toilet tank by Philippe Starck coupled with a matching bathroom mirror.


As for the ex-balcony, now the work room, it’s furnished by a Flexform sofa and Minotti desk, while the chair is transparent like in the dining room.

15-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-work-room-ex-balcony-white-sofa-Flexform-Minotti-desk-transparent-chair 16-cozy-elegant-neo-classical-modern-black-and-white-interior-design-work-room-ex-balcony-white-sofa-Flexform-Minotti-desk-transparent-chair

The designer of the project believes that the most important thing about any interior is the comfort and appreciation of the client. In this case the latter is very happy about the result as that is just what he wanted for his heart and soul.

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