Super-Simple DIY: Light Houses out of Milk Cartons

January 3, 2017
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In skillful hands even a plain empty milk carton can be converted into an original decorative object. From today’s DIY you’ll find out how to make charming New Year light houses in just 3 steps.

During Christmas and New Year holidays magical atmosphere is what we need and strive for. Some imagination and a little time, and your house will be lit by these charming houses.


Creating such a wonderful accessory is pretty quick and easy. What you need is:

  • empty milk or juice cartons (of any color)
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • Christmas lights
  • a box cutter
  • white acrylic paint


So, step 1 is painting the cartons. Please, note that in order to paint over original package printing a few layers of paint have to be applied.

Take some time for the paint to completely dry and move on to step 2. Here you’ll need a pencil and a ruler to draw the windows. Feel free to use any possible shapes and quantities depending on your architectural preferences.


Step 3 – as soon as the creative process is over, cut out the windows and a small hole in the back wall of the house to insert the Christmas lights.

3-DIY-hand-made-Christmas-light-houses-milk-juice-cartons-re-use-ideas 4-DIY-hand-made-Christmas-light-houses-milk-juice-cartons-re-use-ideas

That’s it! Just as we promised – the workshop is extremely simple. Should you have more free time, try to create your own village of light houses – they look so magical when the lights are low!


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