Zero Gravity Effect at Home: Innovative “Dry” Wellness Bathtub

January 4, 2017
Posted in Furniture, Ideas


All of us have long and tiring days from time to time (or even regularly). And so often water procedures are the only thing that can help us relax and reduce the accumulated tension. But what if we even lack powers to go to the bathroom and take a shower? New wellness technologies are already on the way – expensive, but very relaxing.Starpool is an Italian company specializing on manufacturing bathtubs and SPA equipment. And Neocogita is a research-and-development center that conducts thorough studies in the sphere of human brain functioning. Neocogita’s theoretical knowledge of neurology coupled with practical wellness experience of Starpool has resulted into a new wellness technology, which helps body and mind relax and unwind and maintain good health and well-being.


Zerobody is a heated “dry” bathtub-bed that enables its user to feel lightness in the whole body, even the sense of floating – while the body relaxes and unwinds, the mind experiences the feeling of euphoria. The feeling of the lack of body weight is gained through the effect of so-called zero gravity that has enhanced meditative effect as compared to other wellness technologies.



Complete relaxation is accompanied by specially recorded mediation music by Nu Relax Company. And to make the process more personalized, the author has foreseen an additional chromotherapy function so that users could choose the comfy color depending on their mood.


By the way, the area of Zerobody application goes far beyond SPA and wellness centers. For instance, it can be installed in lounge and VIP zones of airports, offices, private apartments and houses, and in any other places where quick and thorough relaxation is required.


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