Wooden House in Chalet Style with Fairy-Tale Scenes

January 5, 2017
Posted in Interiors

Today’s interior is not something we’re used to seeing and at the same very natural and balanced. If you are looking for original ideas of color, texture and shape combinations, or just have warmest sympathy towards wooden houses – you will definitely like this chalet. Inside it the latest landscape-penetration-in-interior trend has got a completely new and fresh look.


The first thing catching your eye in the huge open-concept living room is the dining zone – it’s a real scene from a winter forest. A massive table top surrounded by sheepskin-covered chairs is like a split log among snowy hills on a sunny day. Such kinds of table tops with “naked” wood grain, as if just brought from the forest, are getting more and more popular in interior design, and modern minimalist chairs of futuristic shapes get a completely new mood when covered with cozy fluffy covers.


The natural theme goes further to the wooden whitewashed kitchen zone, where the sun ducks behind the cloud. It’s still warm and bright yellow, but either sets or rises, creating a perfect atmosphere for cozy breakfasts and homey suppers.


The bedroom reminds of a movie scene, where the main character wakes up in the midst of the wood, gets up from the bed surrounded by age-old trees and walks along the mossy path in the depth of his subconscious. The bed is obviously bespoke and pretty expensive, but if you so wish to have it, it can be easily handcrafted from local materials. And a log may serve you faithfully as a bedside table for many long years.


In the lounge zone the fairy-tale theme is not so vivid – the masters just needed a neutral background for finding things to talk about. Warm and deep earthy colors seem to be dipping you into the interior. As a contrasting and balancing element the authors of the project chose the lighting. The lounge zone is practically filled with the sunlight, and at dusk the room gets covered with the sunset-sunrise feel that we have already experienced in the kitchen. The chair under the painting is a designer masterpiece and an interesting detail diluting the traditional mood of the room.


The bathroom deserves a special mention. Some guests say it’s too cold, especially considering a fox running through the snowy forest. But the house owners are people who feel positive emotions in reverse. They feel the heat from warm color ranges and spacious rooms are hardly comfortable for them. To get warm they need to get cold first, and to feel themselves at home they have to firstly get lost. Probably, that’s why their interior is so fascinating and distinctive.


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