Black-and-White Bathroom Interior Design Tips

January 6, 2017
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When it comes to bathroom interior color, there are no strict rules. Do you like green? Great! Is orange your passion? Then go ahead! The most important thing about it is that you should feel like entering this room over time. There’s no room for mistake, because you spend about 10 hours per week in your bathroom and changing its interior is very time, effort and money-consuming. Fortunately, designers have a safe choice to offer – black-and-white color scheme.


These colors never go out of fashion, neither individually, nor combined with each other. At first designers tried it in living rooms, gradually moved to bedrooms and later black-and-white kitchens came into vogue. Now it’s bathroom’s turn to bring these colors to our homes.

White is a symbol of cleanliness, purity, rigor and even stiffness. Black is often deemed dull, but that is not true. It’s rigorous, but can set off, supplement and balance its white brother. Taken together, they create an amazingly functional couple that would satisfy most sophisticated tastes.

In the bathrooms freshness of white is particularly welcome. While black takes us deep into our thoughts. It’s vital to find the balance between the two: predominance of white mustn’t bring sadness and boredom and black mustn’t be overwhelming with its powerful energy.

So, how to find the golden mean?

1. Black-and-white color palette is just for big, spacious bathrooms

Narrow or small rooms arranged in black-and-white look even smaller, darker and lower. You’d better consider other variants, if you can’t boast a large bathroom. Here are a few images of small and big black-and-white bathrooms for comparison:

1-1-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 1-2-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 1-3-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin

2. Versatile lighting sources

Very helpful in finding the balance and shifting the accents can be proper lighting: if you overdid with black colors, it will reduce its pressure, and at the same time emphasize the hues of white. One source of light is definitely not enough for such a room – try to arrange at least one chandelier and a few wall lamps. Beside the mirror, for example. And lighting fixtures installed into recesses would be just great.

2-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 2-3-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 2-2-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin

3. Black-and-white decor

If you want to set the focus on black-and-white mixture or to correct the imbalance that occurred due to predominance of one of the colors, it’s advisable to use black-and-white décor. For instance, stripy black-and-white towels, a white carpet or black grouting of white tiles. A black poster or painting on a white wall would be a good idea, especially when it’s protected from water and doesn’t overload the composition with its subject matter. Also you may optionally put a white laundry basket or a black floor vase in the corner of a big bathroom.

3-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 3-5-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 3-6-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 3-4-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 3 (2)-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin

4. If you’re a bold person…

Should you be bold and ready for experiments, you might like an idea to finish the bathroom with black tiles completely. If it seems too dark, decorate the room with matte lamp globes and versatile white accessories. This will create a nice atmosphere for taking evening baths, reducing stress and once again feeling yourself a proud owner of an exclusive interior.

4-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin 4 (2)-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin

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