Dutch-Style Kitchen for a Big-Family Mother

January 9, 2017
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Have you ever watched a tiny kitchen being transformed into a comfortable place for a big family? Today’s post is dedicated to such an interesting interior design project: the initial kitchen zone comprised of just a sink and a stove located in a tiny nook beside the staircase near a gas-fired boiler. It was so extremely inconvenient that the mistress had to use an ironing board (!) to put kitchen utensils when she was cooking. So, the designer had to transform this horrible room into a full-fledged kitchen and dining room with a compact entry zone.


In the first turn, one of the interior walls was shifted to expand the kitchen area and leave room for a compact entry. An additional partition was built up to isolate the pantry, the boiler and the refrigerator.

The color palette is based on contrasts: bright accents against a white background. To add some 3D feel to the interior, the designer applied to fractured lines: they’re represented in black steel staircase railings coated with silver patina and the shape of the ceiling lamp hanging above the dining zone.

1-holland-dutch-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design-staircase-3D-wall-decor-panels-forged-railings-white-walls 2-holland-dutch-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design-oak-table-red-plastic-chair-tulips-in-vase-multicolor-blinds-curtains

Since the owner of the house didn’t have any particular wishes with regard to interior style, the designer set her choice upon the Dutch one. The most eye-catchy element of it is a wall mural featuring decorative plates in different hues of blue, typical of Holland. One more specific characteristic of Dutch interiors is a mixture of new and traditional elements; hence a solid oak table is coupled by bright red plastic chairs and multicolor stools representing the dominating colors of the interior.


The table setting also feels very cheerful, especially thanks to original blossoming-tulip-shaped  plates, multicolor glasses and napkins with bright orange edge.


Between the window and the pantry entrance there is a chamber with all communications, a built-in cupboard with a hand-forged handle in the shape of a spoon, and an original designer wall lamp.

5-holland-dutch-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design-diptych-fruit-painting-buil-in-cupboard-designer-wall-lamp-multicolor-curtains 6-hand-forged-blacksmith-designer-door-handle-spoon-shaped-dining-room-kitchen-decor

The finishing touch of the dining zone decoration is a bespoke diptych with fruit mounted to a special custom-made fitting, which allows for changing or supplementing the composition without drilling the wall.


While the kitchen zone is traditionally L-shaped, the suspended cabinets create an asymmetrical composition that reminds of geometrical abstract paintings by Piet Mondriaan, a famous Dutch artist. But the key accent of the space is a painting of backsplash area in staining technique simulating the wall tiles. To protect it from grease and dirt, the decorator covered it with tempered glass. The table top, panels on the left wall and a shelf are made of brutal concrete. And another interesting detail is a molecular-shapes chandelier with glass globes.


The composition is finished by big plates and round mirrors arranged on the wall next to the staircase. They are intended to match the wall mural and support the general color scheme of the room.


And what’s modern house without convenient storage systems? The inside of the pantry door features several metal shelves for storing household chemicals and all that stuff. In the entry zone there is a modern closet organization system with sliding shelves and racks that can be manually arranged in versatile ways. And to make this area neater, the owners may use a red blind held by а hand-forged tulip-shaped tie back – one more thing reminding of beautiful Holland.

10-kitchen-storage-organization-idea-metal-shelves-on-the-inside-back-side-of-the-door 11-small-walk-in-closet-entry-zone-modular-red-curtain-designer-wall-lamp 12-holland-dutch-style-kitchen-decor-tulip-shaped-hand-forged-blacksmith-curtain-tie-holder

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