Golden Rules of Living Room Furnishing

January 9, 2017
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For many people a living room is the most important room in the house, and when it comes to its decoration, everything must be just perfect: comfort, functionality and good taste. And what guides you when you decide on living room furnishing? Probably, prior experience, friends’ advice, interior design magazines or TV shows. And that’s good. But not enough. There is a set of golden rules that all the professional interior designers are aware of and that can help you avoid a bunch of common mistakes, intentional and unintentional. And here they are.


First comes the furniture. Wall paint is the last.

Never choose the wall color in the first turn. You’ll agree that paints are available in stores in a huge range, in thousands of colors and hues. And furniture is not. Besides, very frequently we can change our decision regarding the wall color in the process of furnishing. And what if a gorgeous violet sofa that you fell in love with won’t match up with the green wall color? Remember that as a rule the wall paint is one of the last things you choose in arranging interiors. Always start from the most expensive or beloved item of furnishing and continue building the composition around it.

1-Durham-Sofa-blue-and-white-living-room-arm-chairs-Crate-and-Barrel-blue-curtains-crystal-chandelier-classical-style 1-1-brown-and-orange-color-in-living-room-interior-design-fireplace-upholstered-furniture

Feet on the carpet.

The most common mistake of living room decoration is using a too small rug. Ideally all four legs of sofas, arm-chairs and chairs must be located on the rug. If you failed to foresee this at the time of buying a carpet, make sure that at least front feet of the furniture set stand on the rug. BUT: this rule doesn’t apply to small pieces of furniture – all of their feet must be on the rug.

2-1-wrong-too-small-rug-carpet-interior-design-mistake 2-2-wrong-too-small-rug-carpet-interior-design-mistake

Don’t push up against the walls.

Never try to push all your furniture up against the walls. If it’s possible, always leave some space behind the sofa and try to arrange a furniture set in a group, which would make an area for private communication.


Think multilevel.

When choosing furniture pieces for your living room, make sure they’re not located on the same level – mix tall and low items. Following these golden rules, you’ll notice how this simple, yet important, advice may change your interior for the better.

4-1-beige-interior-classical-living-room-dark-wood-funriture-fireplace 4-2-green-and-beige-living-room-interior-design-fireplace-dark-wood-coffee-table-traditional-style-fireplace

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