DIY: How to Make a Lamp from an Old Sweater

January 12, 2017
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An old sweater that no one will ever wear and no one dares to throw away can be found in almost any wardrobe. Today is its finest hour! You must be wondering how this unsightly piece of clothing can make you a happy owner of a designer lamp. We’ll tell you now.


Besides a sweater you will need:

  • sharp scissors
  • fabric glue
  • a lamp holder
  • a plastic cup
  • sharp scissors
  • a set of binder clips
  • 3 embroidery hoops – 2 pieces of 22 cm diameter and 1 of 15 cm diameter (only inner rings are required)


Recommendation: As for the sweater, it’s advisable to choose models with wide sleeves (because our lampshade will be made from a sleeve) and bright geometrical pattern. Floral or animalistic ornaments are not quite suitable, because the fabric will be stretched and the image would get blurred. Also, if the sweater is fuzzy, it’s recommended to shave it in advance to remove all the pills.

So, let’s get down to work!

Firstly, turn the sweater inside out and cut one of the sleeves off, trying to direct the scissors as close to the seam as possible. Further you will work with the sleeve only. Turn it right side out.


 Through the wide part of the sleeve (the shoulder side) insert an inner ring of one of the bigger embroidery hoops (22 cm diameter). Push it closer to the middle of the sleeve. Then insert the second 22-cm diameter inner ring and push it not so far from the shoulder. Now you can finally insert the third, smaller ring. Push it through the bigger ones and arrange it above them.


If the rings fall out of the sweater or the fabric looks too stretched, try another diameter of the embroidery hoop or a different width of a sleeve.

Cut off extra fabric at the bottom of the lampshade, leaving about 2 cm to hide the edge. Apply some textile glue to the inner side of the bottom ring and stick the fabric edge to it. Fasten it with binder clips and let dry out for some time.


In the meantime you can make a lamp holder. Cut off the bottom of your plastic cup. Then make a hole in the middle and insert the cable.


Apply textile glue to the outside edges of the holder and insert it into the sleeve from the cuff side. Secure it with a few hair bands until it dries out completely.


 Now you should just choose the right bulb for your lamp, or even a few bulbs to create several customized lighting scenarios. Have the lamp installed and enjoy the fruit of your work!

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