Attic Floor Interior Design Inspired by a Sphynx Cat

January 13, 2017
Posted in Living Room

The masters of this interior haven’t used their attic floor for 20 years, as it seemed too dark and small to them. But a few designer tricks have presented them a bright, comfy and full-fledged living room.

Talented personalities may find a source of inspiration in anything. That’s why it’s hardly surprising that today’s attic interior design was inspired by….. a master’s pet. In particular, by a Sphynx cat, who was watching the whole remake process in his masters’ absence.


The cat has inspired the designer to create a sophisticated interior. And the naughty character of the animal is incorporated in bright color accents, which were carefully arranged around the room.

As it was decided to turn the attic into a living room, its centerpiece is a big group of sitting furniture headed by a large comfortable corner sofa. Its configuration may seat a big company, and a few couch pillows bring additional comfort.

Light ottomans dressed up in the same upholstery as the sofa serve as bright color accents and additional seats for guests around the coffee table.

The coffee table with a glass top and wooden frame is very ergonomical. Thanks to a cornerless shape, it fits well into the sitting group and gives maximum comfort for playing board games.


A Sphynx cat can be fit into any interior style, but the designer’s idea was to go back to the routs. The native land of this breed is North Africa. That’s why the room features many wooden elements and recessed lighting bands, which create the image of burning savanna sun.


The style concept is backed up by bright and saturated colors used in a moderate and well-balanced way. Orange, straw yellow, terracotta are the shades associated with Africa.


But besides proper colors, the interior features respective textures. Thus, wood grain in wall décor and flower pots made of broken brick pieces are reminiscent of African cabins.


The most interesting finishing material used here is corkwood. Contrary to popular belief, this finish can be used not only for flooring, but also for decorating ceilings and walls. It’s a universal material with a very comfy and warm surface. And it can be safely used in high-moisture zones, including bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to innovative technologies, any pattern you wish can be imprinted into this material. In the attic project, the designer has worked out ornaments for the wall décor and the flooring, and the specialized company had them applied to corkwood. This trick has once again emphasized the general style concept and the texture of the material.


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