Top Trend 2017: Pale Dogwood Color

January 13, 2017
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One more color in the Top-10 colors for year 2017 announced by Pantone is Pale Dogwood. How to use it interior design of different rooms and what to combine it with? You will find this out from today’s post.


Pale dogwood is a tender color, the epitome of serenity and composure. This hue will bring the sense of airiness, lightness and romance to any interior style. It looks equally integral in both residential and non-residential spaces.


Color Combinations

Powder shade of pale dogwood makes a perfect couple with one more color from Top-10 Colors 2017 — Island Paradise. Their combination is very fresh and stylish. And if some white is added, the interior will look very airy and “breathing”. But such a mixture is not universal – the best rooms for its application are bedrooms and toddler rooms.

Though Pale dogwood is quite pastel and neutral, it’s advisable to use it with moderation. You needn’t make it a predominant color of the interior – its best function is supplementary and accenting.

2-pantone-colors-island-paradise-light-blue-pale-dogwood-powder-pink-pastel-color 3-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-bedroom-interior-design-island-paradise-light-blue-pastel-color

Pale Dogwood in Living Rooms

The best option for lounge zones is a mixture of pale dogwood furnishing and light-gray or dark-gray walls.

One more nice scenario is having just one pale dogwood wall decorated with moldings. The rest of the walls should be white or pale gray and the furnishing – neutral as well.

4-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-interior-design-living-room-arm-chairs-sofa-wall-furniture-pastel-color 5-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-interior-design-sofa-furniture-iving-room-beige-pastel-pastel-color

Pale Dogwood in Bedrooms

Bedroom is one of the areas where pale dogwood is most welcome, especially if delicate and romantic atmosphere is what you’re looking for. Here you have far more options for color experiments, than in the living room. In the bedroom you may paint all the walls this color and select creamy or pearl-gray color. Add a few bronze or golden elements – and your bedroom will start looking warm and cozy.

Another interesting option is to use gray as the dominating color – light shades for the walls and darker hues for the furnishing. And pale dogwood will be an accenting color represented in several elements. For example, in a soft textile headboard and some small accessories.

6-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-bedroom-interior-design-pastel-color 7-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-bedroom-interior-design-pastel-color-gray

Pale Dogwood in Toddler Rooms

Pale dogwood is a perfect choice for kid’s room. It can be used both independently and as a match to light blue, gray, turquoise and pastel yellow.

As a background (the wall color) used can be white, and Pale dogwood can supplement it in furnishing: a bed, an arm-chair or a desk. And as a color accent you may use small turquoise details. The only thing that matters is that all three colors must “whitewashed” – pastel and pale. Then the room would look soft and cozy.

8-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-interior-design-pastel-colors-toddler-kid's-room-bedroom 9-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-interior-design-pastel-color-toddler-kid's-room-bedroom-furniture

Pale Dogwood in Kitchens

Even kitchens and dining rooms can feature pale dogwood. In this case the most important thing is to remember the sense of moderation – too much pale dogwood can make these rooms too soft, and that’s not what we expect from this zones. That’s why the safest choice is to use small details of this color. It perfectly matches light wood and dark-gray stone surfaces. For instance, a stylish option would look as follows: a gray kitchen set, rough stone worktops and pale dogwood backsplash with bronze elements. And in the dining room pale dogwood lamps or a few chairs would be enough.

10-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-kitchen-interior-design-pastel-color-brick-wall-backsplash-gray-kitchen-cabinets-bronze-lamp 11-pale-dogwood-color-pantone-powder-pink-in-interior-design-pastel-color-dining-room-bronze-lamps-chairs

Pale Dogwood in Details

If full-fledged renovation is out of your plans for the near future, pale dogwood color can help you refresh the interior a little bit. Add pale dogwood blinds, or pillows, a blanket or a carpet, and your room will start looking warmer and cozier.


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