Bi-Color and Bi-Style Living Room

January 16, 2017
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Today our focus will be put on the interior of just one room. It is a living room with an area of 40 sq. m. located in a country house. Here lives a family of three. They wanted their lounge to include two full-fledged zones: a classical one – for traditional family dinners, and a modern one, where they could relax and spend time with each other.


The interior designers invited to materialize this idea decided to make the space zoning markedly obvious. They literally divided the room by decorative polyurethane half-columns and painted the dining zone noble gray and the lounge zone yellow. These two colors are quite moderate and soothing, supporting the warm and comfy atmosphere of the countryside life.

The bi-color space zoning is additionally supported by the ideal coaxial symmetry. One of the walls is decorated with a wall mural and an art gallery. The opposite wall is dressed up with shaped plaster tiles. The 3D feel is additionally enhanced by differently-sized and shaped crown moldings in modern and classical parts of the room, thin moldings framing the closets and the windows, and multi-level ceilings with a caisson and a medallion. A mirror wall arranged opposite the entrance door adds to this idea. The flooring is holistic in both part – it’s light brushed parquetry.


The dining room wall features two bespoke built-in closets, a white stucco fireplace and a designer hand-made Christmas wreath.

Especially for this project a furniture mill produced a big round neo-classical dining table. Its color, unusual shape of the framework and a glass top support the concept of a traditional family table. The table setting is festive, composed of glass tableware by Luminarc and Almin cutlery. And thanks to transparent dining chairs this part of the room doesn’t seem overloaded with furnishing.

2-classical-style-gray-dining-room-interior-design-Christmas-table-setting-Luminarc-tableware-Almin-cutlery-designer-wreath-tree-book-shelves-fireplace 3-classical-style-gray-living-dining-room-interior-design-Christmas-designer-wreath-tree-book-shelves-stucco-fireplace-crown-moldings 4-glass-table-festive-Christmas-table-setting-Luminarc-crystal-tableware-Almin-cutlery-cone-decor-silver 5-classical-decorated-small-Christmas-tree-silver-blue-green

One of the most beautiful classical pieces of the interior is a curved glass chandelier.


All the stylish elements of the room are united by a light custom-made console. Matching them are white matte texture- and print-less tulle and gorgeous curtains of white tea color.


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