How to Store Belts, Ties and Hats: 15 Ideas

January 17, 2017
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You are still searching for an ideal way to organize your collection of belts, ties and hats, aren’t you? Here are 15 clever ways to store them. You will surely find the right one for yourself.


Finding a perfect way to keep these three elements of clothing neat and tidy is one of the most difficult closet-related issues. And it’s not about a bunch of golden rules or important details, but about most trivial things – convenience and practicality.

Let’s start from the belts and the tidiest way to keep them – a special belt organizer. You can buy it in a store or create a hand-made version out of a common shoe box:


If you don’t have any empty boxes, you might like the idea to use a simple hanger or rod and a few shower curtain rings. Also, there are special locking rings available in stores:


Clothing can also serve the function of a decorative piece of interior. If you can boast a rich collection of belts, have them displayed right on the wall or on the other side of your wardrobe door:


Or just get a special hanger for belts. There are versatile designs available:


The most beautiful way to organize a big number of ties is to display them according to the colors – it’s both eye-pleasing and convenient, when you have to pick the right tie for today’s look:


A retro-style organizer is pretty space-saving and practical. And there also contemporary designs available:


And yes – you can use your golf clubs:


This organizer made from a rod and several ropes attracts with its ultimate simplicity and stylishness. While in modest-sized walk-in closets, hats can be arranged on a chain:


If you wear hats every day and don’t fear dust collection, there is an option to display your hats right on the wall. And a practical and original hat rack doesn’t require much space and looks decorative:


The most trivial and, unfortunately, almost forgotten retro way to keep hats – a hat box:


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