Mixed-Style Interior: Brutal Loft + Pop-Art + Eco-Style

January 17, 2017
Posted in Apartments

We shall not be far out if we say that the interior of this apartment is an organic combination of mismatched styles and details. Here concrete ceilings with open wiring are coupled with huge floral wall murals, and shadeless bulbs of a brutal lamp hang next to a gorgeous crystal chandelier.


This original dwelling belongs to a young family couple, who has recently become parents. They were absolutely open for bold experiments and deadly against any interior design stereotypes and ascetic color schemes. In terms of layout they needed an open-plan kitchen and living room and an isolated bedroom. Thereby the surfaces had to be practical and easy-to-clean-and-care.

The general concept of the interior is based on peculiar contrasts and mixture of controversial styles. Predominant elements are brutal loft (concrete ceiling, faux concrete wall surfaces, open wiring, aluminum cooker hood) and playful pop-art (bright furniture colors, floral wall murals). The two are a little bit softened by elements of eco-style (wooden planks décor), and diluted with ethnical motives in the bathroom.

The centerpiece of the lounge zone is a massive bright blue corner sofa coupled with a similar-style wheeled coffee table. Despite its impressive size, the latter doesn’t look too bulky thanks to a transparent top and a “lattice” framework.


The dining area is also designed with humor. It features a mismatched chair, a hand-made lamp with shadeless bulbs and red cables, and a peculiar recessed wall décor.


The wall composition is a true piece of art. Dark wooden horizontal planks, sky blue recesses, accent lights and artificial grass – all these create a very organic and one-of-a-kind composition.


In the hallway you can see a brutal wall finished with faux concrete decorative plaster, that adds the sense of depth to the relatively small space.


Thanks to original decorative elements and designer tricks the kitchen interior has an atmosphere of a garden gazebo. A light semi-transparent partition (separating the lounge zone) made from wooden planks, a wooden worktop, potted plants, a huge floral wall mural coupled with the picturesque landscape opening from the windows work for creating such a feel.


The worktop is wall-to-wall, and in the window zone plays a role of a small lunch table. The backsplash is faced with faux brick tiles that were painted white and protected from grease and dirt with a piece of tempered glass. The ceiling is decorated with faux wooden beams. It’s hard to imagine a more contrasting combination, than “mannish” materials (concrete and bricks) and delicate roses. But the masters dared for such an experiment, and it must be acknowledged that it was a success.


Bedroom interior design is composed of artistic loft contrasts: faux brick and concrete walls and ceiling, absolutely classical door, baseboard and chandelier, a brutal wooden palette bed and an eco-style headboard decoration.


The wall opposite to the bed features one more romantic element – it’s roses again, but now they are not as vigor as in the kitchen, but rather delicate, blurred and smooth. They create a light and sophisticated image, which is ideal for having good rest.


In the bathroom the wash basin is mounted into a wall recess faced with a mirror panel. Here we once again see the conceptual interior elements – faux concrete surfaces and wooden planks, as well as backlit light blue recesses (reminding of the wall composition in the kitchen) and a classical crystal chandelier.


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