6 Easy Ways to Refresh Interior Without Renovation

January 18, 2017
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How to change your interior quickly if you got tired of it, but not yet ready for renovation and money-spending?  There are at least 6 simple details, which can add coziness and more welcoming feel to any home. Select one just for you.



It’s important to combine them correctly. Furniture coverings with large-scale ornaments or floral patterns are definitely eye-catching. A room with such kind of upholstered furniture must be decorated with neutral or monochrome blinds – for example, white, beige or noble gray.


One more designer trick is soft furniture with mixed upholstery. For example, a striped sofa and monochrome arm-chairs. A perfect match for them are lovely curtains with a large-scale print.



Why not try seasonal variations? The easiest way to refresh the furniture is to change its cover. Some housewives have 4 versions of removable “clothes” – one for each season.


Also it’s easy to re-dress your chair cushions – bright colors, flower patterns and stripes will give a new look to your interior right away.


Another option is to re-design a slip cover: for example, to put a classical long skirt instead of a carefree medium model.



The more, the better! Accent your monochrome sofa with colorful throw pillows, and it will look brand new! Besides, decorative pillows are very mobile – move them around your room: from a couch to an arm-chair, from an arm-chair to a window sill and vice versa.

6-2-beautiful-bright-spring-pattern-floral-motives-on-decorative-couch-pillows 6-ombre-effect-decorative-couch-pillows


Holiday every day! Nowadays tablecloths are increasingly replaced by more practical plastic placemats. But lovely table linen always wins when it comes to homey and sophisticated atmosphere. The happiest blends are Richelieu tablecloths combined with fragile porcelain, or coarse linen fabric with transparent glassware. By the way, linen/cotton blend rumples less.

7-1-beautiful-tablecloth-purple-green-white-lavender-lilac 7-2-beautiful-tablecloth-blue-Richelieu-embroidery-tea-china-set-porcelain


Say goodbye to your faded bedspread! Let your bedding be a seasonal accent of your bedroom. On cold winter days heat up your bedroom with warm colors, in summer cool your bed with chilled shades, and meet the spring with lovely flower pattern on your linen.

8-1-beautiful-spring-and-summer-bed-linen-patterns-floral-motives 8-2-beautiful-autumn-fall-and-winter-bed-linen-patterns-floral-motives-green-blue-brown-beige


Treat your carpet like a mobile element of décor. In summer roll it and put in a pantry till autumn. Expecting guests? Lay it in the dining zone. Guests are gone? Move it closer to the couch.


Carpeting is quite another matter – it’s laid for long-term use until it gets worn out in high traffic areas. But even it can be refreshed with a lovely rug!


Don’t hesitate to start changing your home right now :)

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