Minimalist Chalet in Chamonix, France

January 18, 2017
Posted in Interiors

Interiors created especially for winter recreation must spacious, comfortable, functional and minimalist – without any extra décor or details. This statement is absolutely relevant to today’s chalet interior design.


In general chalets are considered to be expensive design projects: their area is, as a general rule, significant, and the location in frosty regions implies the use of expensive and durable frost-resistant materials. Looking at today’s chalet interior, one can hardly guess how much effort and money was spent to create it. So simple and laconic it seems. Meanwhile, it’s an exemplary comprehensive combination of versatile styles, materials and big job done by a team of architects and decorators.


Incredibly, minimalist shapes of ultra-modern interior ideally blend with manifestly rough  features of a wood hut. Raw wood, gnarly and coarse-grained, is displayed side by side with modern radiators, lamps and Scandinavian-style furnishing.


A kitchen set deserves a special mention. It so ideally compliments the room, that its contemporary look and functionality are not in the least eye-catchy or out-of-place. And we are more used to seeing such designs in urban interiors of people watching the latest trends, than in chalets.

4-France-chalet-interior-design-Scandinavian-style-rough-wooden-beams-white-walls-modern-kitchen-set-minimalist-panoramic-windows-winter-view 5-France-chalet-interior-design-Scandinavian-style-rough-wooden-beams-white-walls-modern-kitchen-set-minimalist-panoramic-windows-winter-view

 The same could be said of the bathroom – nothing superfluous, only comfort and ultimate quality.


As for décor, it’s minimized. The design is composed of just wonderful play of warm sunlight on snow-white surfaces and wooden elements creating homey atmosphere and an ideal setting for having a nice rest on a ski resort.



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