Unusual Designer “Water Tables” by Derek Pearce

January 19, 2017
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American designer and craftsman Derek Pearce is the author of a very original and amazing collection of coffee tables combined under a common table “Water Tables”. Just as many designer masterpieces, they were inspired by the most trivial thing – the wildlife. In particular – by animals and water. Thus, the top of the tables symbolizes the water surface, while the framework represents the bodies of versatile animals. They can be made from different materials, but as a rule Derek carves his masterpieces from solid wood.


Nowadays unusual furniture designs can be found in common stores, but the pieces created by Derek are literally unique. Looking at them you get an impression that the animal is actually living and floating in the water. It all started from a carved Hippo Table, which is still the most favorite author’s piece of this series. Now it is followed by ducks, dolphins, frogs, a seal, a beaver and even human bodies, including legendary King Kanute and his waves.

4-unusual-furniture-design-inspired-by-wildlife-animals-water-tables-glass-top-coffee-tables-by-Derek-Pearce-diving-ducks-dolphins 3-unusual-furniture-design-inspired-by-wildlife-animals-water-tables-glass-top-coffee-tables-by-Derek-Pearce-beaver-seal-and-rock 5-unusual-furniture-design-inspired-by-human-body-water-tables-glass-top-coffee-tables-by-Derek-Pearce-kng-kanute-golden-man-matte

The author says that the idea to use glass to create the illusion of water was generated by him back in 1997 – 20 years ago. Since that time his creations have been exhibited in Europe, America and Japan, and some manufacturers have copied his idea to make similar tables. However, Derek’s pieces are very peculiar and will surely become a centerpiece of any art-décor or, perhaps, classical-style interior.

2-unusual-furniture-design-by-Derek-Pearce 6-unusual-carved-wooden-furniture-design-by-Derek-Pearce

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