How to Prepare a House for Sale – 5 Tips (Part 2)

January 20, 2017
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What else is important when you are trying to sell the house ? What are the professional tricks that real estate agents and decorators use to increase the house value? Read more in this article.


3.  Décor: Neutral and Nothing Redundant

Your potential buyers can be completely different personalities, but what they are looking for is a place, where they might feel themselves at home and imagine their own life within the walls, that for many years belonged to complete strangers. What can be deterring on this stage is too bright color scheme and excessive décor. Especially when the house is filled with personal stuff of the master: his hobby-related things, personal collections, souvenirs, family photos and so on. There must be nothing redundant, especially private: you may leave just a few beautiful neutral things, like a book, a beautiful tea cup, and a bowl with tangerines or a cozy plaid. Let your interior be a blank slate, with neutral white or beige background, and this will increase your chance to satisfy other people’s tastes.


And it’s obligatory to make sure that the interiors of your wardrobes and walk-in closets are as clean as the room itself. Be sure that real estate agents and clients would be willing to check how spacious they are.


4.  Add Light

The light reflected in glossy surfaces and mirrors is able to expand the space visually without the need to hire a whole team of lighting designers.


Before potential customers arrive, switch on all the lamps: pendant, bedside, wall, desk and floor ones.


If you have a fireplace, don’t lose a chance to demonstrate how fascinating it might be.


And wash the windows – dirty glazing is “eating” up to 30% of precious natural light.


5.  Staging

Now we gradually moved to the final step of your house preparation. Real estate agents call it “staging”. It’s like a finishing touch of the process.

Firstly, make sure your house smells good. Light scented candles, or – better still- bake cinnamon buns: this flavor soothes and relieves nervous tension. According to the research the best scents for selling real estate are rosemary, white tea and figs.


Calming classical music, jazz or some “Beatles” singles have the ability to move people, and the client subconsciously associates positive emotions provoked by the music to the object he or she is watching at the moment. So turn on some pleasant melody.


Put fresh flowers on the table and make yourself a cup of coffee. Try to demonstrate all the advantages of the housing, which you really appreciated for all these years: open the blinds to show the splendid view or draw attention to the reading nook by putting there a blanket and a classical book. The house, where people live a full and happy life, will definitely find a new master.

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