Eco-Style Office Interior Design Project

January 21, 2017
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Traditionally the responses are not unanimous as to whether the office interior design must be performed in one style. Some businessmen believe that each room of the office space must be unique and authentic, or it’d be boring and dull. But professional designers traditionally insist that it’s a golden rule to conform to the united style.

And that is exactly what designers of Riviera Group, an interior design studio from Kazakhstan, think. They’re convinced that designing your office interior in a uniform way demonstrates that the company has established its own image. Today we’ll show you how the guys realized their vision in the office interior design, which is a peculiar symbiosis of an increasingly popular eco style and modern minimalism.



Predominant colors of this project are natural, typical of eco style: wood brown, green, warm yellow, golden. All of them make a contrast to different shades of white.



What’s eco style without wood? All rooms of the office space feature this material: walls and ceilings in the director’s office and the meeting room are finished with decorative faux wood panels. In other rooms the same wood color and grain is reproduced in tables, reception desks and ceiling paneling again. Even the blinds are matching the general wood concept.

2-1-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-faux-wooden-panels-ceiling-wall-gray-brown-black-meeting-room 2-2-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-faux-wooden-panels-walls-ceiling-white-gray-green-black-desk-lamps-potted-plants-abstract-painting


Chairs and sofas are definitely not the main accents of this office. They sooner blend into the general background. Strict colors of chairs are compensated by their smooth forms, and soft ergonomic sofas bring a note of home and coziness to the look of the rooms.

3-1-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-faux-wooden-panels-ceiling-gray-sofa-white-walls-abstract-painting-loft-style-lamps 3-2-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-gray-black-yellow-sofa-loft-lamps-abstract-painting-potted-plant


Quite strict and laconic design of the office is diluted by decorative accessories, which are meant to add comfort and coziness:

  • authentic low floor lamps in the form of old street lamps on the sides of the sofa
  • abstract artworks on the walls
  • groups of lamps in the form of glasses with a darkening tint
  • sweet and laconic desk lamps

4-1-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-bright-green-shaggy-carpet-street-Japanese-lanterns-black-pendant-lamps-soft-gray-sofa-faux-wooden-panels-Venetian-blinds 4-2-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-faux-wooden-panels-reception-desk-potted-plants-world-map-white-floor 4-3-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-gray-black-white-reception-desk-lamps-potted-plants


And an eco-style office, of course, can’t do without greenery. Tall and medium-sized indoor plants in planter pots and boxes and a bright-green deep pile carpet makes one feel good and positive.



Designers’ choice is discreet dimmed lighting that creates soft shadows and halftones. Highlighted are only functional working areas.


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