Light Modern Minimalist Apartment: Graphite, White & Brown

January 21, 2017
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What comes out when a bachelor designs an interior for the other bachelor? Let’s find this out!

This apartment is owned by an IT specialist and located in a newly constructed building. It took 6 months to complete this interior by efforts of a construction crew and a professional designer.


Apartment Profile:

Area: 64 sq. m.

Ceiling height: 3 m

Number of rooms: 2

The general concept of this interior design can be described in a few words: it’s minimalist, light and modern. Wall cladding is arranged uniformly in all of the rooms: three walls are coated with a monochrome paint and the fourth is papered with textured wallpaper featuring a designer print. In the lounge it’s a wavy pattern by Luigi Colani, and in the bedroom it’s also German graphite gray wallpaper by Dieter Langer.


The flooring is represented by three types of materials: parquet boards of natural oak color in the bedroom and lounge, soft shaggy carpeting in the loggia and white ceramic granite tiles with a travertine texture in the bathrooms, kitchen, hallway and closet. The ceiling in the lounge, bedroom and bathrooms is textile stretch.


The space is organized in a way, which makes the apartment seem roomier. In the hallway the sense of room extension is reached by means of two full-length mirrors hanging symmetrically from the doorway. With space-saving in mind the working area was arranged in the loggia, and a sleeping place for guests and relatives is envisaged in the open concept living room.

3-light-white-beige-and-purple-modern-style-minimlaist-bachelor's-apartment-interior-design-entry-room-two-mirrors-classical-wallpaper-pendant-lamps 4-light-white-beige-and-purple-modern-style-minimlaist-bachelor's-apartment-interior-design-home-office-work-area-on-the-balcony-loggia-computer-desk-shelves

A wall-to-wall wardrobe, a mini-dressing table and two bedside tables for the bedroom were custom-made at a private factory. A minimalist desk and book shelves for the loggia office area were also manufactured there.


A big white lamp, the centerpiece of the lounge and kitchen zone, is designed in Spain and purchased from the Internet.  By the way, most of the lighting fixtures also arrived here from Spain.


Diffused nighttime lighting is also available: ten LED-lamps can be switched on from two spots of the lodgings. For the sake of cleaning convenience the entire bathroom furniture is suspended. An acrylic wash basin base unit conceals a roomy cabinet and a washing machine.


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