Home Aromatherapy: What Scent to Choose for Each Room

January 23, 2017
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In the previous posts we found out 10 most popular modern accessories for home aromatherapy. But did you know that definite accessories are more suitable for certain rooms of the house? And what kind of scents should be used in this or that part of your home? Aromatherapy is a powerful tool and should be used with maximum care and caution. And we’ll help you find the answers to these questions.


Accessories and Tools

Before getting down to discussion of scents appropriate for this or that room of the house, let’s select the proper accessories. They are so many, that deciding on the right option can sometimes be hard.

So, in the toilets it’s advisable to use fragrance diffusers (bottle with reeds) and spray air fresheners, in the bathrooms – diffusers and scented candles, in the bedroom – candles, and in the living room – diffusers again. To perfume especially big rooms, opt for catalytic lamps (Lampe Berger), and in the wardrobes and walk-in closets use sachets.



Speaking of scents, the best option for daily use in the bathroom is a flowery bouquet. You may optionally fill a diffuser with such fragrances as rose, violet, orange flower, magnolia, or honeysuckle – anything to your liking. The above-mentioned scents are quite discreet and unobtrusive and perfect for continued use.

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As for bath taking procedure, it demands a little bit different atmosphere. Here you’d better light scented candles, which would create a comforting and relaxing setting. The best choice in this point is lavender or delicate rose odors.



In the toilets it’s better to use two types of aroma tools: a diffuser for creating a lasting pleasing aroma and a spray for immediate air freshening. The most welcomed scents for this room are the so-called “fresh” and citrus fruit.

3-1-home-aromatherapy-accessories-tools-scents-fragrances-odour-toilet-aroma-fresh-in-the-park-orange-diffusers 3-2-home-aromatherapy-accessories-tools-scents-fragrances-odour-toilet-aromas-fresh-sea-orange-and-honey-citrus


As for the bedroom scents, there are three possible options: neutral, soothing and aphrodisiac.

The most soothing aroma is lavender.


And the most powerful aphrodisiac among home aromas is ambergris. Most commonly it is used as a base for fragrance compositions, as it discloses gradually, in the low notes of the odor. That is why you needn’t hesitate to choose ambergris-based aromas, rather than pure ambergris.


As for the neutral bedroom aroma, it’s vanilla. It is a sweet and simple fragrance favored by the majority of people.


At the beginning of the article we recommended to use scented candles instead of diffusers in the bedroom. That’s because diffusers perfume the air constantly, and most people prefer to sleep with a window open or might have headaches from long-lasting perfumes. Hence a candle is an ideal way to create the required atmosphere for a short time before falling asleep.

Living Room

A living room is an area, where you are free to choose any scent to your liking and mood: fruit, fresh, flowery, spiced or festive Christmas – it completely depends on your personal tastes. No one can replace a master or a mistress of the house in selecting the living room scent: a living room is the “face” of the house and only its owner knows, what his or her interior must smell like. Designers say that one of the most popular lounge fragrances is fig – many people appreciate its exotic and sweet homey mood.



As for wardrobes and walk-in closets, their traditional aroma is lavender. The thing is that besides its soothing and relatively neutral aroma, it keeps moth away. Among other popular wardrobe scents perfumers name delicate fresh and flowery bouquets: cotton, orange flower, honeysuckle and violet.

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