Solo Per Due: Italian Restaurant Just for Two

January 24, 2017
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Italy is well-known for its splendid nature, wonderful architecture, amazing cuisine and hospitable people. And finding it all rolled into one is possible, if you take a trip to Vacone commune north of Rome.  Here you can find a wonderful restaurant called “Solo Per Due”.


Every citizen of Rome knows about this place and every tourist of this city dreams about having a dinner here. The only table of Solo Per Due is booked months in advance, and when it comes to St. Valentine’s Day you should take care about the booking more than a year before the holiday. So, what’s the secret of such popularity? First of all, it’s encrypted in the name of the restaurant: Solo Per Due means “Only For Two”.

Only two people at a time may visit the restaurant, hence its target audience is married couples and sweethearts. In a day the place may cater for just 4 people – a couple in the dinnertime, and the other for the evening supper. That’s the key of success of Solo Per Due, but not the only advantage it offers.


Solo Per Due is a truly ideal place for those who need to embrace the Italy spirit and have an unforgettable romantic evening. Here the setting plays a very significant role. The restaurant is located in a historical place – an old villa of the 19th century, not far from the ancient ruins of the place, where the world famous Roman lyric poet Horace lived.


The place is surrounded by a marvelous garden immersed in the green hills. Coming inside you find yourself in a tiny, yet very cozy room with soft lights, a fireplace, flowers and romantic décor setting the right atmosphere.

Before dinner you’ll be personally greeted by the restaurant owner, who opened Solo Per Due back in 1988 driven solely by emotions and adventurism spirit. In the course of the meal you won’t have to suffer obtrusive attendance of a waiter, so typical of many other restaurants. He will come just if required.

Depending on the event – a date, a wedding anniversary or a birthday – you may order theme menu and interior decorations. Also you may optionally have a bouquet of flowers, live music a firework or a transfer. But the thing that deserves a special mention is the meals.


Since the restaurant is situated on the farm, the owners offer their visitors exclusively fresh local products, including meat, cheese, fruits, bakery, macaroni, mushrooms from the nearest wood and splendid olive oil. And the finishing touch is the chef’s specialty — tiramisu decorated with white chocolate. And it goes without saying that a genuine Italian restaurant has a splendid wine list.

Of course, all these pleasure are not so cheap: a dinner excluding wine and extra services will cost no less than 250 Euro. But judging by the guests’ reviews in the so called “book of thoughts”, where couples record their love stories and impressions, it’s worth this money.


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