Best of Maison & Objet 2017: Home Textile (Part 1)

January 26, 2017
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The total area of the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, where Maison & Objet 2017 was held this week, amounts to almost 20 000 square meters. We tried our best to overview the most beautiful and interesting exhibits of the fair: furniture and lamps, tableware and home décor. And finally we came to the last, but not least interesting segment of the world of interior design and décor – home textile. Let’s see what the world famous and absolutely new brands had to offer for the year 2017.


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Trussardi Home Linen and Roberto Cavalli

The collections of elite Italian brand Trussardi Home Linen are designed in quiet and soft color palette, which is pretty much liked by most people. On such a beautiful bed linen you will expect only most pleasant dreams to come. Perhaps, that’s why a famous French football player David Trezeguet was chosen as a new official ambassador of Trussrardi’s clothing branch. Exactly the opposite, Roberto Cavalli Home Linen had their hearts set upon bright colors and their bold combinations.

10-Trussardi-Home-Linen-and-Roberto Cavalli-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-and-gray-bed-linen-classical-pattern-style 9-Trussardi-Home-Linen-and-Roberto Cavalli-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-bed-linen-set 8-Trussardi-Home-Linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 7-Trussardi-Home-Linen-and-Roberto Cavalli-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-dark-linen-black-with-floral-pattern 4-Trussardi-Home-Linen-and-Roberto Cavalli-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-white-yellow-black-bed-linen 2-Trussardi-Home-Linen-and-Roberto Cavalli-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-blue-orange-black-bed-linen-fur-pillows 1-Trussardi-Home-Linen-and-Roberto Cavalli-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-blue-orange-black-bed-linen-fur-pillows

Diesel Home Linen

Trussardi shared one booth with Roberto Cavalli and Diesel Home Linen — Italians prefer to stick together. As a result, their part of the pavilion was reigned by numerous styles and sophisticated elegancy, which can enrich the bedroom of any house. And it can even dress up all the bedrooms of the house in a way, that each of them would look completely different from the others.

12-Diesel-Home-Linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-stripy-bed-linen-pillow-cases-blue-red-white 13-Diesel-Home-Linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-stripy-bed-linen-pillow-cases-blue-red-white-gray 14-Diesel-Home-Linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-gray-beige-stripy-decorative-pillows 15-Diesel-Home-Linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-bathrobes-pink-blue-gray

Mastro Raphael

Two different beds framed the entrance of this Italian brand’s booth. And each of them was decorated by bed linen featuring a bee – the immediately recognizable logo of the factory. This year Mastro Raphael exhibited five of its new collections of bed linen and home textile featuring velvet, linen and other soft materials. Some popular designs from previous collections just got back in different color schemes. Most attention was drawn to the following names: Api Cultur (linen and bedspreads), Pergamon (pillows), Bulford and Regina (bed linen), and Kerman, which has already become classics of the brand.

16-Mastro-Raphael-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-bed-linen-in-classical-style-pattern-bee-logo 20-Mastro-Raphael-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-bed-linen-in-classical-style-pattern-bee-logo 17-Mastro-Raphael-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-decorative-pillows 19-Mastro-Raphael-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-and-white-natural-curtains 18-Mastro-Raphael-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-and-white-natural-curtains

Signoria Firenze

The brand’s designer Francesco personally attended the Parisian exhibition and was glad to tell the story of the new collections and peculiar features of his brand. Bed linen and other types of home textile are produced by this family company in Florence, and their white classical design represents the very essence of Italian design concept. Attention for details, diversity of collections and high quality make the products of this brand one of the best both in the country and in the whole world.

21-Signoria-Firenze-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-white-and-blue-bed-linen 24-Signoria-Firenze-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-purple-pink-and-white-bed-linen-spring-floral-motives 22-Signoria-Firenze-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-red-and-white-beige-pillows 23-Signoria-Firenze-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair-beige-bed-linen-with-classical-style-pattern

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