Best of Maison & Objet 2017: Home Textile (Part 2)

January 26, 2017
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What other interesting novelties of the beautiful world of home textile were represented at Maison & Objet 2017? Were there any non-Italian exhibitors in this segment? What trends dominated in the pavilions? All that you will find out from the last article dedicated to the biggest international trade fair for interior design and décor that took place on 20-24th of January, 2017 in Paris.


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Riviera Cashmere

This was the first visit of this Italian brand to Maison & Objet. Its production facility is located in Genoa and coming to Paris was an attempt to find new ways for development. Let’s wish this manufacturer success! Its cashmere is so extremely soft, light and pleasing, that it deserves this.

1-Riviera-Cashmere-soft-gray-blue-red-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 2-Riviera-Cashmere-neutral-colors-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 3-Riviera-Cashmere-beige-blue-red-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair

La Perla Home by Fazzini

Initially this Italian brand (yes, that’s Italy again!) used to manufacture ladies’ underwear. Over time it decided to diversify the product range and started collaboration with a family business named Fazzini. The latter was known for its splendid bed linen, bath towels and kitchen textile. Linen, cotton, satin, silk and faux fur — all the products have a pleasing touch. And a big range includes colors and patterns to any taste – from monochrome and bicolor to bright and embroidered. The most interesting of the new collections are Camelie, Argo, Clorofilla, Lavanda, Orfeo, and Cleo.

4-La-Perla-Home-by-Fazzini-gray-blue-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 5-La-Perla-Home-by-Fazzini-white-and-blue-bed-linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 6-La-Perla-Home-by-Fazzini-blue-collection-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 7-La-Perla-Home-by-Fazzini-golden-yellow-collection-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 8-La-Perla-Home-by-Fazzini-gray-bed-linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 9-La-Perla-Home-by-Fazzini-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair

Blumarine, Blugirl and Svad Dondi

When it comes to top quality and elegance, Italians are absolutely unrivalled. Classical, elegant and contemporary styles combined with a wide range of jacquard fabrics and beautiful printed textiles, as well as a number of other interesting elements, make the linen most pleasing to touch and sleep on.

10-Blumarine-Blugirl-Svad-Dondii-towels-pillows-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 11-Blumarine-Blugirl-Svad-Dondii-beige-floral-pattern-bed-linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 12-Blumarine-Blugirl-Svad-Dondii-lilac-bed-linen-floral-pattern-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 13-Blumarine-Blugirl-Svad-Dondii-gray-bath-towels-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 14-Blumarine-Blugirl-Svad-Dondii-blankets-pillows-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 15-Blumarine-Blugirl-Svad-Dondii-lilac-bed-linen-floral-pattern-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 16-Blumarine-Blugirl-Svad-Dondii-beige-bed-linen-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair

SDE Group

SDE Group is a home textile manufacturer, which actually develops and produces the entire range of products for home. Numerous designers and other professionals of the industry combine their efforts to create original things following the latest fashion trends. Now the group includes such French brands as Torchons & Bouchons, Nattiot, Winkler, Vivaraise and The Rug Republic.

17-SDE-Group-bright-multicolor-pillows-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 18-SDE-Group-bright-multicolor-pillows-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 19-SDE-Group-multicolor-textile-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 20-SDE-Group-multicolor-textile-red-yellow-orange-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair

Anke Drechsel

This German brand brought a note of coziness and softness to the exhibition. Its production facility is situated next to Baden-Baden – a famous German spa resort, where people from all over the world come to have a good rest and relax. That’s exactly what comes to your mind, when you see the wonderful pillows by Anke Drechsel.

 21-Anke-Drechsel-greenery-natural-motives-decorative-pillows-floral-pattern-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 22-Anke-Drechsel-decorative-pillows-floral-pattern-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair 23-Anke-Drechsel-decorative-pillows-floral-pattern-home-textile-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair

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