Self-Designed Apartment in Traditional Style

January 30, 2017
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How can knowledge of physics help in home renovation? How to bring life to quiet minimalism? How to create an interior equally suitable for working from home and relaxation?  Today’s article gives answers to all of these questions.


Catherine, the mistress of the apartment in question, has a university degree in Physics and Math and is now working on the thesis for the Candidate’s degree. Being a passionate fan of exact sciences, she can speak about them endlessly. But what is more important, the young woman can put her knowledge into practice.

The three pillars of her self-designed interior are clear lines, ultimate functionality and nice color combinations. Clear lines, right angles and ideal geometry express her love for mathematics. Knowledge of physics helped her from the aspect of functionality. For instance, the kitchen set plan was prepared using a physics concept of though experiment. She drew the sketches of all the cabinets, appliances and utensils arrangement using this method and had the set custom-made according to her drawings.


As for the colors, they were selected based on the associations and feelings. Catherine and her husband are fond of travelling to sea resorts, which is mirrored in marine color schemes of the living room and kitchen. Ecru color range to be the best option for the work room, since it’s absolutely neutral and helps to concentrate on work. While the bedroom was inspired by spring rain that seems to have blurred the delicate floral wallpaper.

2-blue-and-white-aqua-marine-kitchen-interior-design-dining-table-pendant-lamps-traditional-style 3-blue-beige-and-white-aqua-marine-living-room-interior-design-coffee-table-traditional-style 4-ecru-color-beige-gray-home-office-work-room-interior-design 5-monochrome-pastel-beige-neutral-bedroom-interior-design-floral-wallpaper-light-floor-laminate-shaggy-carpet-traditional-style

As for misunderstandings between spouses that are so typical of couples making home refurbishment, they were quite many. But in the end the family survived according to the following plan of actions: Catherine prepared a few possible options, and the husband decided on the final version.

As for the furnishing and décor, the masters safely mixed cheap and designer pieces. Many items of furniture were custom-made and built-in to preserve the feel of the interior integrity.

6-monochrome-pastel-beige-neutral-bedroom-interior-design-floral-wallpaper-light-floor-laminate-shaggy-carpet-traditional-style-built-in-wardrobe-closet 7-dandelion-pattern-built-in-closet-door-painting

Catherine believes that creating a nice interior is absolutely possible without a professional’s help. But she also admits that her self-designed apartment features a few drawbacks, which wouldn’t appear if she had turned to a pro. Most of the weaknesses are related to the lighting. She believes that the most important thing about designing interiors by oneself is to have a clear idea of your wants and needs, at first in your head and then on the paper. And sometimes it’s worth starting from details rather than from the general concept of the rooms.


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