Key Measurements of Kitchen Layout Planning: Part 1

January 31, 2017
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What guides you when you’re planning a kitchen layout? Probably, it’s good taste and common sense. But there are also a few key kitchen layout measurements to be considered if you want this room to be convenient and user-friendly. Learn more about these important figures of kitchen ergonomics from our article.


Planning a kitchen layout is a typical situation, in which you should safely move away from standards and average options and design everything in a way, which would be comfortable exactly for you. Convenience and usefulness will never go out of fashion, when it comes to top kitchen interior design trends.

Preliminary measurements

Firstly, if you want to have a kitchen set custom-made, you should come to the bureau with preliminary measurements of your room on hands. According to kitchen furniture manufacturers, most commonly people measure the dimensions of the room, forgetting to find out their own height. And the latter is vital to select the right countertop height and the distance between upper cabinets and a worktop.

One more popular failure of clients is forgetting to measure the exact ceiling height. Most frequently what they know is just an approximate figure, which results into a not good-looking gap or makes people use a ladder to get dishes from upper cabinets.

Secondary dimensions and sizes are also essential. For instance, knowing the distance between a cooker and a window, you’ll be able to avoid problems in the future. Some useful measurements should be done even without a ruler – for example, the most essential utensils must be kept within your arm’s reach.


Recommendable height of kitchen countertop

It goes without saying that a worktop must be located in a way, which won’t make you exert yourself while cooking. This measurement depends on the height of a person, who is going to spend more time in the kitchen. Ideally, different functional zones of the kitchen must be located on different levels. A comfortable height of the main worktop is 13-15 cm above the elbow level. A sink can be arranged a little higher to reduce water splashes. And a worktop for butchering meat or rolling dough (in short, for all effort-taking operations) should be slightly lower: about 20 cm below the elbow level.


Recommendable depth of kitchen countertop

The most popular option is 60 cm. To decide on whether it suits you, consider the dimensions of your favorite electric kitchen appliances: a meat grinder, a slow cooker or a coffee machine. And naturally standard dimensions are not quite comfortable for tall or too short people. And some people might think that 60 cm is too much, and extra space can be used in a more rational way.


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