Cozy Provence Style Living Room in Mint and Coral

February 2, 2017
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Comfort and warmth of French Provence are no longer something exotic for counties located miles away from the country of romance. Nowadays more and more people living in the countryside all year round or just coming there for weekends bring notes of French villages into their homes. And today we decided to have a closer look at a beautiful Provence-style living room with a fireplace re-designed by a professional decorator.


A peculiar feature of the room is a sloped ceiling under the staircase leading to the second floor. The decorator decided to remove the focus from it and disguised the bevel with a decorative partition composed of two vertical beams and a few wooden crossbars. This trick eliminated two problems at a time: concealed the sloped ceiling and visually separated the sleeping place from the lounge area.


Though the primary wall color is mint green, the partition is bicolor. Crossbars, which are a typical feature of Provence, were painted pale coral that is also present in furnishing and home textile. While the beams were intentionally made snow white, like the low ceiling, in order to lift the latter visually.


Some walls are partially coated with white Swedish wallpaper dressed up with mint green fern print. They are meant to “support” the decorative partition in the task of visual isolation of the sleeping place: they seem to be crawling up the sloped ceiling, going through it with a narrow band and dripping to the floor again on the other wall.


The flooring is made of varnished corkwood. The material is glued on fiberboard and decorated with a beautiful digital print. The latter creates an illusion of streaked parquet of natural oak composed of carefully selected and matched planks. Such an option is ideal for countryside: it’s cheap (as compared to parquet and laminate), stylish, warm and super soft – even your cup won’t break if you drop it on a corkwood floor.


The room is fulfilled with Provence-style lamps – two pendant lamps and a floor lamp by the sofa, a wall model in the sleeping area, ceiling spot lights giving accent lighting and finally the lighting centerpiece – a big ceiling lamp in the middle of the room. All the lighting fixtures are designed in similar style – a mixture of textile shades and metal frameworks coupled with traditional shapes.


As for home textile, it deserves a special mention. First of all, the windows are equipped with roller blinds. Above them arranged is charming light mint green tulle. And a final note of airiness and lovely Provence feel is brought by marvelous draped curtains with floral pattern in primary interior colors.


The room features two shelf units for displaying amazing tableware, glassware and flower vases – the essential attributes of Provence. They both are made from natural pinewood and have simple, laconic shapes. Though they are entirely painted white, natural wood grain is still visible thanks to addition of wax to the paint. Thanks to these white pieces, the interior looks more airy, lightweight and neat.

7-1-Provence-style-living-room-interior-design-green-mint-and-coral-colors-brick-fireplace-floral-fern-wallpaper-curtains-drapery-white-shelf-unit-sofa 7-2-Provence-style-living-room-interior-design-green-mint-and-coral-colors-wooden-walls-white-shelf-unit-brick-wall-green-door

And the key element of furnishing is a big coral sofa in English style. It combines classical elegancy and modern comfort. When needed, this respectable couch can be folded to become a double bed. And soft light generated by an elegant floor lamp nearby makes it a true oasis of homey coziness.

8-Provence-style-living-room-interior-design-green-mint-and-coral-colors-sofa-in-English-style-drapery-floral-pattern-curtains-floor-lamp-clock-pendant-lamps 8-2-Provence-style-living-room-interior-design-green-mint-and-coral-colors-table-setting-sofa-coffee-table-fern-floral-pattern-decorated-top

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