DIY: Beautiful Hand-Made Mini Dessert Stand

February 2, 2017
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Are you planning to have a party, a holiday or a buffet table? A beautiful table setting is an essential element of creating a good mood. If you don’t have a special fruit bowl, a mini dessert stand or a cake stand to display your food in the best way – never mind! Why not learn to make them out of old grandma’s china sets? This DIY is extremely quick and easy! February is a splendid time for experiments and handmades. So, go ahead!


All you need is a free evening, a hot glue gun and tableware. Search your home or your grandmother’s attic for old dishes, cups and bowls of versatile sizes, colors and designs. Or if you have a flea market nearby, feel free to visit it. Any sizes and shapes will come in handy. As for the latest trends, now most popular colors are terracotta, mustard yellow, blue, and plain white.

1-2-white-tea-china-set-cup-saucers-bowls 1-blue-and-white-tea-china-set-cup-saucers

On the next step pick the right matches: try to mix different colors and shapes – sometimes they can create very unexpected and peculiar couples. Make sure that your cup bottoms are big enough to hold the bowl and move on to the next step.


Once you decided on colors and shapes, grab a hot glue gun and apply a thin layer of glue on the bottom of your cup or dish. Here the most important thing is to act quite quickly, since glue dries out pretty fast. Then join the parts of your future dessert stand and press for a few seconds to ensure a proper joint. Let it dry out for at least an hour before use.


At the end wash your cake/ dessert stand and fulfill it with fruits, berries, sweets, and candies. And bright accents and fashionable color mixtures will add a note of good taste and style to your pretty handmade thing!

4-DIY-handmade-fruit-bowl-mini-dessert-cake-stand-from-old-cups-and-bowls-dishes-white-yellow 5-DIY-handmade-fruit-bowl-mini-dessert-cake-stand-from-old-cups-and-bowls-dishes-red-lime-green 6-DIY-handmade-fruit-bowl-mini-dessert-cake-stand-from-old-cups-and-bowls-dishes-blue-and-white-beautiful-table-setting-oranges-flowers-wine-glass

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