Valentine’s Day Table Setting: Decoration Workshop by a Pro

February 2, 2017
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A beautiful table setting is an essential part of any holiday dinner. But Nadezhda Mitskova, a young decorator from Russia, believes that most commonly sweethearts spend the evening of the 14th of February in a restaurant. Hence a romantic table setting is something to care about in the morning, when you and your soulmate have a cozy family breakfast. In this article we’ll show an interesting detailed decoration workshop for a romantic table setting.


As a basis of the entire décor the designer chose pastel color scheme, which is far more suitable for the morning mood, than traditional saturated red hues. Start from dressing your table with a piece of delicate pale pink cloth.


Then we move on to tableware. Here the decorator had her heart set upon snow white items with a touch of handmade design. Making it is quite simple – all you need to do is write something warm on the dishes and cups with a special marker pen for ceramics, and then have it baked in an oven. This is a small detail, which will make your table setting exclusive and one-of-a-kind.

2-2-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-people-writing-wishes-on-tableware-with-marker-pen-for-ceramic 2-1-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-people-writing-wishes-on-tableware-with-marker-pen-for-ceramic

On the next step we should take care about a sweet little morning gift, packed in a lovely small box. For this purpose you need a piece of colored cardboard and a template. Cut out the right shape and carefully wrap and tie it with a ribbon.


We move on further and couple beautiful glassware with a napkin romantically folded in the shape of a heart. Putting it in a bowl, you replace a traditional valentine.

4-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-folding-napkin-in-heart-shape 4-2-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-folding-napkin-in-heart-shape

In the centre of the table it’s recommended to put a mirror. This will create an interesting visual effect. Arrange on it a flower composition, using a green ceramic bowl instead of a vase. Following the general color scheme we pick white and pink marshmallow and serve it on tableware of similar color. Not to overload the composition, the decorator chose a neutral glass kettle.

5-1-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-mirror-tray-glass-kettle-roses-pink-and-white-marshmallow-flower-composition 5-2-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-centerpiece-composition-flowers-marshmallow-kettle

And wrapping of the main gift deserves a special mention. The secret is as follows: you can right your wishes on a piece of thick colored paper with a common chalk and then fix it with a hair spray. A finishing touch is brought by a piece of common rope and a contrasting small card.

6-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-writing-wishes-on-gift-wrapping-with-chalk 7-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-wrapping-gift-in-paper 8-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-gift-wrapped-in-colored-paper-with-chalk-wishes-small-card-rope

Congratulations! Your Valentine’s Day table setting is ready!

9-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-tableware-marshmallow-pale-pink-and-green-folded-heart-napkin-roses-mirror 10-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-tableware-marshmallow-pale-pink-and-green-folded-heart-napkin-roses-mirror

So, you see that creating a beautiful table setting is not that hard and expensive. Just use your imagination and remember the golden rules of color combinations. This way you’ll get a lovely and romantic breakfast table setting, which will set the mood for the entire day. Make your wishes come true and be creative every day!

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