Super Organized Computer Desk with No Wires

February 6, 2017
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How much stuff we keep on our desks! It’s a computer with a keyboard and a mouse, a cup of coffee, a couple of speakers, important (and not just important) papers, a phone, a tablet and a few other essentials. Eventually all this stuff turns into chaos and we can hardly find anything on a desk without a big cleanup or a metal detector :-)


A whole other thing when the desk is clearly organized. You surely noticed how it can increase working capacity and speed of daily activities execution. With these thoughts in mind a team of designers from Russia created a modern computer desk, which looks stylish from all aspects and, which is more important, has a powerful technical “filling”.

The desk is especially designed for those who are keen on different gadgets and modern technologies. And there is nothing redundant in it – each detail is well-thought-out so that nothing could interfere into your thought processes. As a rule, the role of such irritants is played by numerous wires. With this desk you won’t find any – all the wires are hidden inside its top. This creates a wonderful feel of spaciousness and tidiness, a feel of a blank slate.


The top of this desk is made from two-ply plywood coated with natural oak veneer and with gable ends in anodized aluminum. The legs are also made of plywood. But besides a stylish look and absence of wires, the spice of the desk is its surface featuring a few icons imprinted across a stencil. Thanks to them you will always know a place for each thing, and your desk will never become a mess.

The basic kit includes a spot for wireless charging of a smartphone, Bluetooth speakers, USB HUB (4 pieces) on the side and even a station for induction heating of a tea cup. The latter option is activated and switched off automatically after 30 minutes of operation. As a bonus you get a tablet stand with a charger.

3-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers 4-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers-USB-HUB 5-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers 6-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers 7-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers 8-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers

It is a truly smart desk, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s a good option for those who spend hours by the computer and dream about a neat and functional work place.


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