Tiny House in the Heart of London for $ 500.000

February 6, 2017
Posted in Interiors

For this money you can feel like a true English lord, but in a mini-version. And cleaning such a house is far easier than in a huge apartment. Is it worth this? Read further and decide it for yourself.


The whole world knows that only a very rich man can afford buying real estate in London, especially in a prestigious neighborhood. For instance, an average price of a house in Islington, the district where the former Prime Minister Tony Blair used to live, is about 700,000 pounds.

And this very house in Islington was put on the market in 2014 for ridiculous 275,000 pounds, and it created quite a stir. The secret of this seemingly funny price is the total area of the house, which amounts to about 18 square meters. By comparison, in Northumberland you could spend the same money on a decent mansion with a couple of hectares of land.

The house is located on Richmond Avenue and boldly looks out among gorgeous Victorian mansions costing a few millions pounds each. By the way, its exterior is pretty beautiful and there’s even a tiny outdoor territory.

The interior of the house includes all the essentials of comfortable living. But honestly, the owner of the house must do his or her best to keep fit. Since even to get to a bed, you need to go up a very inconvenient and pretty small staircase: the bed is located on a mezzanine floor on a rectangular sized 2.29 m x 1.73 m.

1-small-tiny-one-bed-bedroom-house-in-London-Islington-England-white-walls-loft-bed-entry-dining-room 2-small-tiny-one-bed-bedroom-house-in-London-Islington-England-loft-bed-view-dining-room-podium 3-small-tiny-one-bed-bedroom-house-in-London-Islington-England-loft-bed

On the other hand, the room features a dining table (size of a common tea tray), a couple of chairs, two ottomans, a sink and a stove. The storage issue was solved by means of a podium on the first floor – it comprises a few drawers that replace a traditional closet for their master. Thus, the kitchen and dining room are arranged right on the “wardrobe”.


The tiniest area of this mini-house is a bathroom. But having a proper physique and a great desire to live in the centre of London City, you’ll be able to live here with pretty much comfort!


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